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How to Get Tested for Coronavirus in Pakistan

According to the latest updates, there are total of 22 case of coronavirus in Pakistan; 15 in Sindh, 5 in Gilgit-Baltistan, and 1 in Balochistan. Thankfully, there are no cases in KPK, Punjab, and the Capital.

There have been no reported fatalities. Medical professionals are hopeful that current patients will recover from the disease. Two patients have successfully recovered from the disease, according to media reports on 12th March.

But, what about the fear and anxiety rising in the nation.

Public does not appreciate the closure of institutions only in the affected regions. So how can rest of the country feel secure? It is clear by now that this disease is beyond the capabilities of any government, which is why it was declared a pandemic in the first place.

Safety precautions are important but it is equally important to get tested for even if you don’t exhibit  coronavirus symptoms.

Government Taking Measures to Prevent Spread of Coronavirus in Pakistan

People on social media are very vocal about minimizing public gatherings. Given this situation currently educational institutions in Sindh are closed till 31st March and in Balochistan till 15th March. Lately, Minister for Education, Shafqat Mehmood in a Twitter statement announced that government had decided to close all public and private educational institutions in country.

The effectiveness of this step by Government of Pakistan is debatable but as far as safety is concerned, this was inevitable

As part of precautionary measures first thing people can do is to educate themselves on using right safety methods

Is it possible to get tested in Pakistan for Coronavirus

The next, and most important step after seeing the symptoms is that individuals should get tested. Luckily, it is possible to get tested for coronavirus in Pakistan since the country is now equipped to diagnose coronavirus due to supply delivered by China on 30th January.

These supplies were much needed to confirm the infections. Otherwise, the samples of each case would have been sent to China for conformation.

Here is the list of hospitals and medical center that can conduct test for coronavirus in Pakistan.

Screening Procedure for Coronavirus

Upon visit, a doctor first checks the patient for symptoms and then asks a series of questions which must be properly answered by the patient. Doctors need to know person’s travel history and also about those they interacted recently.

If the test shows negative result, the patient is allowed to go home. If the doctor suspects that the patient is infected or even manifesting symptoms, a swab of saliva is taken as a sample and sent to the testing facility.

Also note that these hospitals and isolation wards are only collecting samples for the relevant facility for testing. This service is reportedly free , while nearest clinic and private diagnostic centers are charging a fee between 7000-8000 PKR.

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