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Corporate Hackers- A Living Nightmare to Corporations

The need and demand for corporate hackers has increased over the years forcing companies to up there cybersecurity. By definition, corporate hackers are employed by companies to disrupt the operations of their competitors.

Functions of Corporate Hackers

Corporations are relying more on computer technology for its ability to process information at a faster rate. The increased dependency on technological tools, on one hand has eased the task of businesses and on other hand has exposed the to the cyber-attacks.

Despite hiring the best security professionals to secure their websites and systems, hackers hired by competitors manage to hack the company and disrupt operations making the targets to lose millions of dollars.

The most common form of attack used by corporate hackers is to launch a ransomware virus into the company’s system so that it encrypts the files on a computer system and locks the user out of the system. The hacker then proceeds to ask the corporation, a hefty ransom which the company must pay within a certain time or else the hackers will destroy or leave the files permanently encrypted.

The most recent attack of such nature to occur is with a Norwegian aluminum producer who says that hackers hacked their computers in forty different locations worldwide and locked them out and asked for ransom. Very often the purpose of hacking into the systems is to get an access into data instead of blackmailing the owners for money.

Few months old British Airways hack aimed at stealing customers’ data is one such example

Not All System Were Digital

Luckily the company was not adversely affected as their team of old seasoned professionals were used to doing things the old way i.e., use paper and pencils. The company approached a security firm that later helped them broker a deal with the hackers.

The company, for now, is resetting all its computer and are not leaving anything unchecked. They are entirely redesigning the security system to prevent future attacks. The company has spent 45 million pounds to restore its systems.

“While we have come forth with our problem, many other companies don’t come forth with this problem and secretly pay the hackers” said the companies CEO reportedly.  He further added that companies should not pay them ransom as it may encourage them to continue with their activities.

Corporate Hackers Dealing In Crypto Currency

The corporate hackers take payment in the form of cryptocurrency like bitcoin which, after a certain point, is untraceable. This allows them to continue their activities in an unhindered manner. The hackers before doing their work get all the vital information about their target. In many cases, they even access the blueprints of the building that seems unnecessary in such tasks.

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