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UK Faces Travel Ban after New Covid Strain Causes More Infections

A new Covid strain in the UK, produced by shockingly rapid mutations is believed to be associated with more infections. While public health experts and scientists are searching more on the exact causes of the emerging cases, the government has taken stricter measures to impose lockdown. Further, dozens of countries of the world including those from Europe, Middle East and South Asia have banned arrivals from UK.

The travel ban is followed by the rapid increase in coronavirus cases which rose by 33,364 on Monday, 21st December. Further 215 people died within a month of testing positive. This has brought the nation’s total to 2.07 million infections and 67,616 deaths.

New Covid Strain Cuts off the UK from World

The UK has suffered a lot due to coronavirus and the devastating lockdown. The pandemic pushed the UK into a worse recession since the 2008 financial crisis. Now the Kingdom had to impose a tier 4 lockdown and strict restrictions during the Christmas season due to the new coronavirus wave.

It has isolated many UK travellers from Europe and other parts of the world.

Reportedly, the UK Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FDCO) is trying to assist residents affected by these restrictions and travel bans.

Countries Starting To Ban UK Arrivals

Until now scientists are not sure if the new Covid 19 strain is the exact cause of rapid coronavirus cases or not. However, UK government and countries around the world are taking measures to assess the exact causes. The Dutchland was the first nation to suspend flights from the UK during the assessment period. France followed by banning all movement from the UK for 48 hours. It includes all modes of transport including ferries which deliver goods.

Canada has imposed border restrictions for 72 hours from Sunday midnight. Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau explained in a tweet that it was to keep his people safe.

Other countries include Russia, Germany, Italy, Spain (in collaboration with Portugal), Switzerland, Belgium, Israel, Denmark, Sweden, Argentina, Ireland, Chile, Lithuania,, Kuwait, Bulgaria, Morocco, Hong Kong, Jordan, Oman, Columbia, Pakistan, Iran, Czech Republic, Latvia, Estonia, India, Peru, Tunisia, El Salvador, Luxembourg, and Turkey

Countries With Restrictions On UK

Besides blocking the passenger travel, countries are also starting to impose various restrictions on the arrivals from the UK, one after another.

Ecuador announced that travellers coming from the UK would need to show PCR test results for COVID 19. They must test 10 days before coming to Ecuador. They are also required to take an antibody test that will be available at international airports.

Greece planned to impose a week-long quarantine period. Portugal allowed only portuguese nationals to enter the country with negative PCR results. Spain on the other hand announced to strengthen its airports so they can verify PCR tests for people coming from the UK.

Is New Covid 19 Strain from UK A Problem For Vaccine?

It is clear that coronavirus is becoming more contagious but it is still unclear whether the new Covid 19 strain is more deadly than the previous one. Possibly, it can be more advanced than the vaccines which are currently under trial. It can be devastating for those who have hopes associated with Pfizer’s vaccine with BioNTech.

Yet many health experts believe that most vaccines in trials or development appear to be generating enough immune response against most strains of coronavirus. Moreover, there is also no extra spike protein which can render the vaccine ineffective. Therefore, ignoring disinformation about vaccines, is more important than ever.

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