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All You Need to Know About CPEC Bus Between Pakistan and China

Pakistan and China are living in the CPEC era of their friendship. Both countries are promoting initiatives to further their mutual interests and bilateral relations. Their one of the most recent venture is the CPEC bus which will allow people to travel from Pakistan to China and vice versa via road. The bus route will cover the area between Lahore and Kashghar and offer travelers an opportunity to witness the scenic beauty of Pakistan’s northern areas that lie within.

The bus will reach from Kashghar to Lahore within 30 hours.

Everything About CPEC Bus Service

CPEC Bus will let Pakistanis travel to China just for PKR 13000 for one side ticket and a return ticket of PKR 23,000 from Lahore to Kashghar (Tashkurgan). It will facilitate the business persons and tourists who want to go the either side for various purposes. The bus is an initiative of a Lahore based private transport company, North-South Transport Network.

In order to travel to China through bus passengers will require a passport, valid visa, NIC and an original invitation from China.

CPEC Bus Route

Travel aficionados who love exploring new places will find CPEC bus route much appeasing to their interest as they will get to feast upon the natural scenes from Gilgit Baltistan and enjoy their stays in the valleys of beautiful mountains.

So, a travel between Lahore and Kashghar or Islamabad and Kashghar via CPEC bus route is going to be no less than treat. One can get an idea about it through the following route plan.

CPEC  bus will depart from Lahore on Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. And, it will depart from Kashghar on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. The passengers will need to book their seats in advance at least one week before.

Time For Stop-Overs of CPEC Bus Route

The bus will exit Lahore at 12.00 AM it will reach Islamabad at 4.00 AM. The passengers will have lunch in Mansehra at 7.00 AM, Lunch in Basham at 1.00 AM, tea in Chelas at 4.00 PM, dinner in Gilgit at 8.00 PM, then 2.00 AM stopover at Sost for customs and immigration, 12:00 PM stopover at Khujerab for checking in Pakistan, 12:30 PM Stopover for China side checking and finally arrival at Tashkurgan. The same stopovers will be followed while traveling from China except the bus will depart at 11:00 am instead.

What Passengers Can Carry With Them

All the customs and immigration rules apply to the passengers traveling through CPEC bus. Travelers would be allowed to carry luggage equal to 20 kg, above this, they will have to pay the duty according to rules.

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