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A Bit About The Humble Beginnings of Cricket World Cup

Cricket World Cup, an event that started on June 7th, 1975 in England has returned home for its 12th edition. Over the year, this sports in general and cricket world cup, in particular, has grown to incorporate many formats that didn’t exist in beginning.

Brief History of the Cricket World Cup

The first ever world cup series started as a one-day test series held in England the only country at that that time that could bear the expenses associated with it. The first world cup or Prudential Cup was a sixty Overs format. The players wore cricket whites and played with a red cock ball.

The series included eight teams from Australia, England, India, New Zealand, Pakistan, and the West Indies. Sri Lankan also participated along with a composite team from South Africa. One possible omission from the event was South Africa due to its apartheid movement

The first tournament was won by West Indies that defeated Australia by 17 runs at Lords; the famous cricket ground.

How the Game has grown over Time?

The fame of cricket grew as England emerged a colonial strength. With the passage of time, cricket managed to root itself into the culture of different colonies to such an extent that even after the British declared the colony free cricket continued to thrive in the hearts of many. Sub-Continent where most of the cricket’s fans are located is an evidence of how this world grew popular in countries other than England.

Looking at the growing craze people were developing regarding the sports, various national and international companies started getting involved. They began sponsoring teams and events on a large scale, further boosting the growth of the cricket world cup.

The Cricket World Cup 2019

The modern day cricket world cup is nothing short of a mega event. The cricket world cup 2019 that has already charged the atmosphere with zealous anthems will see 10 teams competing for the Cup.

Leading the contender’s list are countries like Australia, India and host country England who after such a long time has gotten the chance to host the event.

The tournament is sure to be a blast, so stay tuned for this year’s mega cricket event.

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