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Fans Rejoice As Cristiano Ronaldo Tests Negative for Coronavirus

One may assume that the fitness level of a football player can be a shield against the coronavirus but one can never be so sure. Perhaps, this is the reason why fans became dazed and confused when they heard the news of Cristiano Ronaldo’s self-quarantine.

Fans were already worried about Ronaldo’s teammate who was recently infected with the virus. The concern was obviously directed towards Ronaldo but  athlete turned out to be way more faster (no pun intended). He quickly tested for coronavirus and passed it with distinction.

Confusion regarding Cristiano Ronaldo’s Coronavirus Status

There was a lot of language barrier that caused confusion for the fans living in areas where English is obsolete. They were just confirming the news through social media.

And other kind of confusions were created by the over enthusiastic media. This example is from a renowned newspaper in Pakistan:

It must be accepted that such lame efforts can traumatize fans to unpredictable extents; just the way this girl explained her feeling.

They asked him to move to a country that was not affected by the virus.

It was a chaotic but a very special moment that made people shower Ronaldo with good wishes and blessings.

Sigh of relief

The confusion was lifted when it was confirmed that Ronaldo was fine but still self-quarantined in his homeland of Madeira, Portugal.

Social media suddenly found its spark back and expressed its joy in Ronaldo’s decision to clear coronavirus test. However, the fans liked to turn it the other way around.

With his exceptional fitness and sharp attention, he made people believe that he really is the G.O.A.T (Greatest of All Time).

Rugani, who was not so lucky in the virus test, so he also received prayers on social media.

What is Cristiano Ronaldo going to do now?

Ronaldo has made it perfectly clear that he is not returning to Italy until the situation is less scrawny and Rugani becomes healthy again.

It is definitely not safe in Italy at the moment as coronavirus is spreading uncontrollably. Juventus has suspended their training sessions and UEFA Champions League also suspended their schedule matches.

So, there is nothing here for Ronaldo at the moment. It’s better if he stays in Portugal with his family.

Ronaldo’s social media has been dark for few days and he has not responded to his fans yet. Although, he was seen virtually interacting with the fans during matches behind closed doors.

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