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Crumpling Evolution By iOS Developers Is An Epitome of False Upgrade!

When we talk about Apple and iPhone a huge audience seems to step forward in the support of it. Most of the people follow the proper upgrading trends introduced by iOS developers. These trends introduced something which might have been introduced in some other software like android but in the more improved way.

But this time, again and again, Apple fails to achieve its goal of creating super qualitative gadgets all along. Recently Apple has introduced iPhone X and Xmax but unfortunately, the complaints regarding these both smartphones are increasing day by day due to the major issues arising like charging port. iOS developers came up with iOS 12 which was the hottest update this spring by the Apple but the most hilarious thing is that this upgrade is destroying the privacy of users, at a very high level.

What were iOS Developers Thinking While Designing This Software?

Now the question here is that what were these iOS developers thinking when they got an idea or emerging the contacts and making thing more complicated. This could be possible that they wanted to begin the movement named “Who’s Cheating On Who?” because the new upgrade of iOS has created a huge mess for the user who was usually bitching about each other. In this software, the app which holds the contacts emerge those contacts which have more than one phone numbers. But here the contacts are not getting merged but getting exchanged. Many complaints have been received at the forum of Apple over twitter.

This means that this lady is doomed in a void created by Apple Inc.

Apple X and Xmax

Many people were happy when Apple introduced the dual sim procedure, but now these people are not happy when their iPhone doesn’t even get charged with the wall charger. This is not the first time when developers have ignored the Battery and changing process. iPhone battery life was less than many other cheap Android smartphones. This issue could be seen in the unboxing therapy video by a youtube!

Apple Inc has to come up with the solution of these issues and need to improve the quality of their gadget and software so that one does not regret after purchasing iPhone!

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