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Current Fashion Trends to Follow In Summer 2018

In current fashion trends of spring and summer season, one thing is evident that bold and bright colors are going to take the lead. But, here the focus is on cuts instead of colors as one can choose them according to mood and even comfort level.

Before moving ahead with trends which are on the peak, let’s talk about one significant confusion that many people face regarding following of ongoing fashion trends. There are those who want to wear what is in, but can’t do so as they don’t feel comfortable. In fact, the fear of not being able to carry a style keeps them from adopting it. Let’s answer this problem at the end of the article.

What are the Current Fashion Trends in 2018?

Fashion events that take place in spring of each year have a lot to do with shaping the choice of wardrobes for the year to come. A sneak peek into New York fashion week can give an insight into current fashion trends. But, those glamorous runway walks don’t prove to be sufficient for guiding on what to wear that appeals to trends and doesn’t make someone feel uncomfortable.

Here are our picks of the current fashion trends that are streamlined with one’s comfort level.

Current Fashion Trends

  1. Wearing Winter Cuts with Pastel Colors

Usually coats and dress pants are formal wears or something considered to be exclusive to the winter season. But, this summer when you are looking for some T-shirts in fresh colors to pair with blue jeans, don’t forget to try those coats paired with bell bottoms or dress pants in pastel colors. In this way, you will be able to don winter cuts, even in the scorching summer heat but in a cool way.

  1. Wool Blend Dress with Feathers

First in the list of current fashion trends might have given you a feeling that the only difference between winters and summers is that of color. And, it is not so. This summer you can also go for a sleeveless wool blend dress that has feathers. You can wear that dress in black color as well. In various spring fashions show this year, feathered dresses were a common runway sight, not a something worth looking to in summer season. But, they were not something one may feel awkward to carry. Make sure to utilize feathers up to a tolerable extent.

  1. Go for Bold and Bright Prints

Enough of all those patterns and plain dresses: you must have worn a lot of them throughout the winters. Now, the time is to wear bold and bright prints. Make sure to choose open and long shirts for boosting those prints. Try to experiment with contrasting colors like bright sky blue and bright orange, or bright parrot green and off-white.

If you think that your traditional western style limits you from wearing those floral prints, then try looking to other culture. Well, clothes do represent cultural identity, but this is the era of globalization, and you can wear whatever you want.

  1. Loose Silk Shirts with Digital Prints

Digital printing is dominating the fabric designs throughout the globe as one of the favorite current fashion trends. In fact, it has diminished the distinction between East and West up to some extent. In this summer, you can choose silk fabric shirts that have digital prints in bold colors. With a little alteration, like squeezing the prints to panels, hems or to collars you can wear those prints for formal occasions as well.

  1. Why Not Go For Sequins

Sequins are something that can never go off-trend. They proved to be the perfect answer to what to wear on the eve of New Year. Now, the season has changed, but not for sequins. You can still don them with your choice of colors, in evening parties of this season.

How to be comfortable with a style?

If you think that all of the current fashion trends can’t prove to be comfortable wear for you, then leave them. Consider making a personal statement with cultural dresses or whatever you like, because at the end of the day what matters the most is the confidence.

You can also learn from the example of Iris Apfel, renowned fashion designer who was famous for wearing different cultural outfits in high society parties.

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