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Cybercrime In Pakistan: Now The Wolves Hunt Through Social Media!

In the modern world where technology is giving ways and platforms to the positive and philanthropic approach, negativity and evil are also clearing their path with it. Among these evils fake news, blackmailing through social media breach of the cybersecurity are common. The recent examples are the two cases of Cybercrime in Pakistan, reportedly recently.

Detail Regarding Cybercrime Case

In Peshawar, well known Pashto singer and dancer Muneeba Shah was caught blackmailing a girl by leaking her personal pictures on social media. The victim name Sana claimed that Muneeba Shah was uploading her private pictures on a fake account over Facebook. She lodged the case in FIA (Federal Investigation Agency), Cybercrime Wing. And the further investigation was conducted by FIA regarding this method. In this process, Muneeba was taken into custody after a raid which was conducted by the department on singer’s house.

Reportedly the account was created on a cell phone’s sim card and was operated through a wireless internet connection.

Yes! Muneeba was not alone in conducting this crime but a man named Zubair was also included in this filthy act. He was posting images on the behalf of the singer. The case was registered on Muneeba by FIA for this brutal act of cybercrime.

Second Case

A passenger was offloaded from the flight to Denmark and was taken into custody by FIA. The name of this Pakistani citizen was Nigel Brian Rabellow. This man was also involved in a case related to Cybercrime and got caught from a flight at Islamabad airport.

Girls and Guys! Beware of Wolves Occupying the Cyberspace

There are many wolves which stalk innocent souls on the internet nowadays. They might seem very sweet and humble to you at the beginning just for developing a higher level of trust but they use your innocence for destroying your image and impact in society. We all should be very careful as these are the wolves under the skin of your friends most of the time. And, not to forget mentioning the fact that these are not only girls but also the boys who become the victim of cyberbullying and online harassment on social media.

Message For society

Not all the time if you find a girl’s picture over the internet means that she is a characterless female. In fact, most of the time these cases have a very ruthless history which is not known. So please before judging anyone by these pictures just imagine yourself on their place first and then utter anything! According to me:

Words are very powerful they force people to convert into something they never want themselves to be!

Message For Concerned Legal Bodies

FIA has taken a very positive step by arresting these wolves and registering cases against these brutal criminals. The point here is that there are many other such cases which require their attention so please pay some attention to those also so that the heinous crime of Cybercrime which causes a severe emotional trauma gets eradicated from the society and people feel safe in digital space.

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