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Dalia Lama Faces Backlash after Unintentionally Objectifying Women

Dalai Lama is facing massive backlash after reportedly saying that if a female Dalai Lama is to proceed him, she should be good looking because people don’t like looking at a dead face. It seems that world’s most famous spiritual leader’s quote didn’t go well with the folks.

After hearing this, many people have taken to social media to express their anger.

How People Are Reacting to Dalai Lama’s Comments

Dalai Lama is no small post; the person who holds this, is considered the spiritual head of Buddhism and commands huge followers who look to their leader for spiritual guidance. According to some views, for a person who has won a noble prize to say something like this is nothing but an insult; such a person should be stripped of his/her prestigious achievements for making objectionable comments.

For many the so-called Buddhist leader is nothing more than a fake and fraudulent person who robs his followers. To them he should be arrested after being exposed for who he is, and this video should be used as evidence.

Is the End of Time Near due to Dalai Lama’s Recent Qoute?

It’s true that amongst the many apocalyptic prophesies, one is the coming forth of stupid religious and world leaders who will incite violence and will misguide the people. For a spiritual leader to give such a statement is proof evidence that the end of time is near.

This user feels that after giving such a comment, the interviewer forgot to ask the religious leader one crucial question which is as follows

His Remarks on Trump Didn’t Go Well

After giving such an offensive comment about women and then proceeding to say that Donald Trump is a man of no morals or understanding is amazing as this has come as a shock to many.

It seems that Dalai Lama’s opinion on a woman successor is going to cost him some followers.

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