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Dar’s Affidavit Real Money Trail Imran Khan

The Finance Minister of Pakistan, once gave an affidavit in money laundering reference against PML (N) 17 year ago.

Imran Khan, the chairman of PTI focused his entire press conference on this affidavit after the Monday’s hearing on the Panamagate case.

PTI Chairman on Money Trail

Imran Khan said Mr. Dar’s statement was the proof of “Real Money Trail” for the PM’s offshore assets. Responding to Imran Khan’s statement, PML (N) leaders challenged the validity of Imran Khan’s statement, saying that it was given under duress or pressure from General Pervez Musharraf.

The Affidavit of Mr. Dar to the Court

The Affidavit of Mr. Dar to the Court

On April 25th, 2000, Mr. Ishaq Dar gave an affidavit in which he alleged that Sharif Brothers had used Hudaibya Paper Mills as cover to launder money.

Mr. Dar become an approver and confessed that he facilitated the money laundering for Mr. Nawaz Sharif’s money, said Imran Khan. Mr. Khan also said that the actual money trail of the PM’s London Flats could be found in those documents.

Imran Khan said that Mr. Dar had given that statement while being investigated by the National Accountability Bureau. Afterwards, Mr. Dar challenged the NAB’s legal proceedings against him which were not challenged by the accountability institution because its chairman was appointed by Mr. Nawaz Sharif.

Mr Khan on the Gulf Steel Mill

Imran Khan, chairman PTI, also asserted that if the Gulf Steel Mill was making no money and instead going in loss, how come it was sold on a profit. The steel mill as per Mr. Khan made a loss of 15 million AED, then how did the Sharif Brothers managed to sell it at a price of 12 million AED.

PML (N)’s Response to Imran Khan’s Allegations

In response to the allegations by Mr. Khan, PML (N)’s Daniyal Aziz and Adviser to PM Mr. Mussadiq Malik held a press conference at the Press Information Department, claiming that Mr. Dar’s statements were taken under coercion.

“When a person is taken to the basement of Attock Fort, he says whatever he is asked to say,”

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