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How Much Dating Apps Have Changed Since Lockdown Began

Ever since the lockdown has kicked in, the very foundation of dating apps is shaken – which is to engage and hook up people. Now most people think whether or not it is a good time to be dating each other. The world has decided to be totally safe and focus on the well being of humans by practicing social distancing.

In a time of great uncertainty, looking for love is probably not the best thing to do. Yet, a certain group of people have found solace in using dating apps during lockdown, even more so than before.

Why Dating Apps Are Still Being Used In Lockdown

This is a time when dating apps are free of catfishes and piranhas because they are not likely  not find any prey now. Although there is still a danger of hackers but those security tips can safeguard users against such hunters of privacy.

Apart from hackers, there can be genuine people on each side. So how will they stay engaged if there is no certainty of a meetup? It is also the time for more honesty than normal days, normally many people try to reach the first base with the first message due to which their intention is perfectly clear. So,  how can anyone make connections if they keep running into these kinds of users? To pounce upon the opportunity, almost every popular dating app has added some exciting features.

The League

The League is probably made for those people who consider suits, sun glasses, iPhones, MacBooks, and Pop Music playlists are bare necessities for human life. After opening the app, the first impression of the user is to delete his account ASAP due to the Bot Attacks. Most profiles contain pictures of photogenic people who can only be contacted after paying a hefty membership fee.

It is new quarantine-friendly set-up involves virtual speed dating nights. Every Wednesday and Sunday, users can join a live channel named, League Live and swipe through video feeds of potential partners nearby. The app only allows two minutes of chatting during the video stream before the user gets to decide whether they like them or not. After all, the people over there identify themselves as ‘elite’ – so it could be fun joking around with heirs of some rich dynasty and investment bankers.


This is the most spicy dating app available. It came up with a presumptuous solution to the whole social distancing issue people are having. Normally the app encourages people to set their geographical location (New York, London, Paris, etc.) but with the new updates, there are three additional virtual spaces: Quarantine, Remote Threesomes and the Sext Bunker. These virtual spaces aim to fulfill users’ all questionable desires.

This universal dry spell is bothering people so much that it is the first dating app to allow freakness in the charm of dating. There is a high chance of running into adult content while on this app. Feeld is surely not for everyone but they did something ‘useful’ for their users.


It is a unique dating app that features the thoughtful first message feature instead of shallow swiping based only on pictures. While it is difficult to rack up as many matches as other dating apps, the received matches are much higher in quality and highly responsive. As paid members, users can further specify the preferences for best matches. 

It has launched a Date from Home feature which is a fancy name for a video call. If a potential couple is engaged in sms on the app then they can easily press required buttons at both ends to enable video call. That will basically start a date from home. 


Tinder has been using the horny desires of its users to pay for a feature called Passport which was declared free until April 30. Passport allows users to talk to people in cities around the world rather than his current one. It has become the most efficient way to keep lining up dates before visiting those places and at the same time decreasing the value of a person and relationships. It sounds fun to hook up with a complete stranger from another part of the world but completely impractical if the person is 8-hours flight away. It would be quite an expensive date, if the potential couple decides to wait till lockdown.

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