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David Willey to Get Munawar Ka Sohan Halwa Free for Life

After the astonishing performance against Quetta Gladiators on 31 January 2022, David Willey has become the hero for Multan Sultans. The British all-rounder helped his Pakistan Super League 7 team win the third consecutive match in the tournament.

Willey defended 8 runs in the last over and dismissed 2 batters to help his side win by 6 runs.

David Willey Receives Free Offer for Sohan Halwa

The incredible last over by David Willey blew the minds of many cricket lovers. He received appraisals from all over Pakistan for his display.

Businessman and Former owner of Multan Sultans, Ali Khan Tareen, also came forward with his congratulations. He made a call on Twitter to ensure an unlimited supply of Sohan Halwa to the English cricketer for the rest of his life. He specifically mentioned that the Halwa must be from Munawar.

It is a famous Pakistani dessert, and Munawar is one of the many specialists in Pakistan who make several types of Sohan Halwa. The owner Nauman Munawar himself responded to the post and affirmed that he would make it happen.

David Willey or some others are probably not sure what Sohan Halwa is and how it is made. It is the sticky, nutty, and chewy traditional dessert in South Asia, favoured by many Pakistanis. Its key ingredients include milk, sugar, nuts, sprouted wheat, desi ghee/butter oil, and aromatic spices. Crushed nuts (cashews, walnuts, pistachios, and almonds) create its iconic crunchy texture. Some also garnish it with saffron, cardamom, rose water, or kewra essence.

The origin of Sohan Halwa is reportedly from Persia (ancient Iran) and then adopted by Mughals in Old Delhi, India, in 1790. It ported to Pakistan as well, and hundreds of vendors in Multan and Dera Ismail Khan started to sell the delicacy all across the country.

Multan Sultans vs Islamabad United

Cricket lovers are looking forward to the Multan Sultans match against the “unbeatable” Islamabad United. Of course, there will be hopes with David Willey to outshine everyone in bowling once again. At the time of this writing, MS is batting at 91 runs with 3 wickets down and 9 overs remaining. Fans hope to see Multan continue their streak and topple Islamabad to win their fourth match in a row and ultimately win the PSL 7 tournament.

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