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Dawn Leaks Commission Finally Submits the Report

The Dawn leaks commission finally submitted its report. The Ministry of Interior received the report on Tuesday 6:45 PM.

The Dawn leaks commission report is going to be presented today to the Prime Minister. Here is what the spokesman revealed about the submission.

“After reviewing the content of the report in detail, it will be presented to PM tomorrow. After getting the approval of PM the Committee’ recommendations would be made public.”

Cyril Almeida Made Dawn Leaks Public

Cyril Almeida of Dawn News made the leaks public. The Dawn leaks gave details of a high-level security meeting in which Civilian Leaders told Armed Forces to take action against some militant groups. Inaction, as per the report could result in diplomatic isolation.

The Dawn leaks further said that the head of ISI was also present at the meeting. Other functionaries present there included PM Nawaz Sharif and CM Punjab Shahbaz Sharif.

Dawn Leaks Committee Probe

Dawn Leaks Commission Finally Submits the Report.On November 7th, 2017, a committee was formed to investigate the person responsible for Dawn leaks. A retired judge Aamer Raza Khan heading the committee assigned the task to submit its report within the next 30 days. However, the committee was not able to present its report within the allotted time.

The Dawn leaks committee consisted of members from ISI, Intelligence Bureau, and Military Intelligence. Other members part of the committee included FIA Director Usman Anwar, Punjab’s Ombudsman Najam Saeed, and Establishment Secretary Tahir Shahbaz.

Pervaiz Rasheed Stepped Down

The pressure mounted on the government to take action the person responsible for the leaks. Consequently, Information Minister Pervez Rasheed resigned from his position. The PM office had issued the following statement that time.

“Evidence available so far points to a lapse on part of the information minister, who has been directed to step down from the office to enable holding of an independent and detailed inquiry. “

At that time PM spokesperson made Pervaiz Rasheed responsible for Dawn Leaks, saying.

“Pervaiz Rasheed was responsible for the Information Department, and he is temporarily suspended from his post until investigations conclude. The committee was formed because no conclusive evidence has come forth. The details are with the committee Ch Nisar was heading.”

Tareq Fatemi May Get Removed from Service

In the wake of new pressure developing on the government, reports suggest that government is considering removing Tareq Fatemi from his post. Tariq Fatemia is currently serving as Special Assistant on Foreign Affairs.

Here is what Ishaq Dar said when asked about removal of Tariq Fatemi.

“Albeit, the inquiry report did not recommend dismissal or removal, but even if he is removed, then it should not be assumed a big issue.”

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