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When Does Daylight Saving Time of UK Start in 2018

Summer is arriving and so the time when Brits are supposed to move their clocks one hour forward to continue the tradition of daylight saving time.

So what is the phenomenon, what is it purpose and why UK makes its citizens forward their clocks for one hour.

Let’s have a look at why people anxiously wait for this daylight saving time thing more than the events like Pasadena Rose Bowl Parade.

Daylight Saving Time of UK

Daylight saving time of UK in 2018 will start on Sunday, 25 March at 1 AM., making UK citizens to make their clocks one hour forward. Original time will resume on Sunday, 28 October, making citizens to reverse their clocks by one hour.

There is a popular phrase spring forward in spring, fall back in fall, for those who are confused on when to forward the clock and when to reverse it.

But, what is the motive behind betraying of the clock for whole summer season. And, the simple answer is clocks are one-hour forwarded to save the day energy.  Therefore, people have longer daylight in evenings and make them get up early in the morning.

Daylight Saving Time

When Daylight Saving Time of UK Begins?

The tradition of daylight saving time dates back to the World War I when Germany and Austria took lead on saving the daylight in order to save energy through the coal consumption. The purpose was to conserve the supplies so that they were available as a resource of war.

Later, UK’s parliament also passed the Summer Times Act and enacted the first daylight saving time on May 21, 1916.

Debate Around Changing the Time

Forwarding of one hour on clocks make people to utilize their time in an efficient manner. They get up one hour earlier in the morning and get things done accordingly. Consequently, many people also compromise on one hour’s sleep. But, this doesn’t matter as citizens get an extra hour of sleep in the winters when they reverse back their clocks to the original time.

Many people think that daylight saving time is just a disruptor, as it disturbs the school going children and even impacts the businesses.

But, luckily the modern day technology also assists this change in time as smartphones, radio sets and other devices automatically adjust themselves. Therefore, it is less likely for people to bear any loss for not aligning their routines and tasks with a new time.

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