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DC Islamabad’s Order to Restrict Students in Hostels Faces Criticism

Deputy Commissioner of Islamabad, Capital city of Pakistan is facing criticism for issuing a notification asking hostels in the city to regulate the movement of students.

The notification that was posted by DC on Twitter mentioned that private and institutions’ hostels will be required to maintain entry and exit records of students and no one will be allowed to stay out of the hostel after 10:00 PM without the permission of parents. It also asked hostels’ administration to keep the record of job-holders along with their official duty timings.

Criticism on DC Islamabad’s Order

It is to be noted that DC Islamabad’s notification has come in time when students in Islamabad were reportedly being evicted from private hostels in the E-Sector. Concerned members of the society and student rights organizations are raising their voices against Deputy Commissioner’s order for they think it was curbing the rights of students’ free movement.

Why police the students instead of coming up with strategies to abate crime rate in the city.

An Attempt for the Safety of Girls Students?

In response to criticism, DC Islamabad has to say that the order didn’t attempt to bar free movement of students but it was for the safety of girls students and done given the incidents of human trafficking, etc.

Not Staying Outside without Permission of Parents

DC Islamabad by further explaining himself told that order was not meant for Police or AC to interfere in private lives of the students but it was to ensure that students who stayed outside for the night informed their parents.

Does It Still Make Sense?

Students who study in universities and live in private hostels are mostly adults and above the age of 18. They are usually mature enough to understand which place is safe for them to go. As far as their involvement in crime is concerned then every citizen irrespective of gender, race or social background are equally likely to commit one. Therefore, policing one segment of the society which is students instead of bringing up effective strategies to cope up with the law and order situation is not really the solution to the problem.

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