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A Scene From DC Peacemaker Makes Critics Talk About John Cena

2021 has been a year of multiple blockbuster films and series for DC. The recent one was suicide squad 2 which turned out to be a parent film of an upcoming DC Peacemaker series. As the name suggests, the show is based on the supervillain known as the peacemaker. John Cena is the main character and the series can be listed among those in which the events revolve around the antagonist. Although, the character is not all bad but the king of irony since he does terrible things in the name of peace.  

Ever since the shots from the series have been released, fans and critics are talking about Cena in the show. The actor is getting mixed responses from the people. Some claim the series is nothing but a stupid idea whereas many are curious about the plot and eagerly waiting for the big release. 

DC Peacemaker: How James Gunner Thought of Making the Series

James Gunner talked about how he came up with the idea of writing the script for the DC peacemaker series. Apparently, Gunner wasn’t able to touch his productive side during the covid pandemic. He posted on Twitter that he was stuck at home and had nothing to do, thus it was a good idea to turn thoughts into writing. So, he decided to create an entire series on a DC character. 

He thanked his cast and mentioned that it took him 11 months to complete 8 eight episodes of the show. He also stated in his social media post that before winding up the series, he presented HBO Max with a rough idea of his project, which was less than a year ago. Now he is finally ready to show the world what he has been creating in his time during the pandemic.  

Expected Plot of The Show?

Those who have watched the second installment of the Suicide Squad must have an idea of how the movie ended. Cena almost died and ended up injured in a hospital. That foreshadowed how there will be another suicide squad movie but no one expected an entire series based on the character. The plot of the movie is still behind the curtains yet there are certain assumptions based on the released shot. James mentioned that he admits resurrecting a character after killing it was something he hates when other directors do it. But it was a necessary fit for his new series. As per the revealed frame, Peacemaker meets a new group of people who apparently make fun of his idea of wearing his costume at a public place. The scene points towards a new and dangerous mission that involves encountering more bad guys and anti-heroes. Amanda Waller, a cold-hearted woman and the director of ARGUS is expected to hold the strings and manipulate the villains into doing something super risky. As far as the scene is concerned, the series seems to contain multiple genres including comedy, thrill, adventure, and action.

What do Critics Think of the Series And John Cena?

Apparently, John Cena is the one getting all the attention. After the Fast and Furious 9, every fan knew he is stepping foot deep into Hollywood. But seeing the former wrestler in The Suicide Squad 2was the cherry on the top. However, knowing that a spin-off is about to hit HBO max and cinemas were entirely unexpected. Social media users are talking about how a whole series on the character is a good idea. Some believe that the parent movie was great, the character was also well-written but it should have been over with the death of Peacemaker in the end. They believe it is simply stupid how the director has twisted the plot of the series. 

Critics said that instead of making a season on John Cena’s character, a series on Harley Quinn would have been much better since her Character is more popular than Peacemaker. Also, Margot Robbie was in the spotlight of Suicide Squad films. 

Other than the bad-mouthers’ opinions, most of the people are eager to watch the DC Peacemaker series just for the gags.

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