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List of the 5 Deadliest Deserts around the Globe

The word desert is more like a fantasy for those who have never visited one. Many people love to imagine spending cold moon nights amidst the rising mounds of sand. Or they have a craze for studying flora and fauna of those desolate lands, where traces of life are almost non-existent. Visiting such places is not such an easy task, as they don’t necessarily embrace the visitors with open arms. Deadliest deserts around the globe are one such example. Few of them are too much dried up, for not seeing any rainfall for centuries.

For anyone who is crazy enough to do a much daring task, here is the list of the deadliest deserts around the globe.

1. Atacama Desert, Chile

The Atacama has made to the top of the list for a substantial reason. Few areas of the place haven’t received any rainfall from more than 400 years. So, if a visitor loses his way in the Atacama, then there are sporadic chances for him/her to survive. Astonishingly, a mild rainfall in last year, made the flowers to bloom in this deserted place. So, will finds a way even in such a barren area on Earth.

2. Sahara, Africa: One of the Most Known Deadliest Deserts

People might not know the correct answer to how many seas in the world. But, most of them know about the names like Pacific and the Atlantic Ocean, as their names are too mainstream. In the same manner, the word Sahara has become an ultimate representation for Deadliest Deserts around the globe. Those who have even a bit of interest in history or geography must know that Sahara is greater than the size of the USA (United States of America). It is also the largest hot desert in the world. Literature is replete with fiction and novels on the sufferings of people who forgot their way in the desert.

3. Antarctica

Antarctica naturally makes for the most surprising name in the list of deadliest deserts around the world. Many people don’t consider it a desert in the first place. But, this is often referred as the largest desert in the world with 98% of ice cover. It is almost unable to support any life, due to full dry conditions. Only temporary residents like researchers or scientists on some special mission can go there.

List of the 5 Deadliest Deserts Around the Globe

4. Arabian Desert

The Arabian Desert is prominent in the list of deadliest deserts for being productive. The place may not be useful for supporting the life in abundance, but it is rich in mineral resources. People who live in Arabian Peninsula, largely depend upon the oil and natural gas based economy that comes from this dessert. The place is also famous for its extreme hot days and cold nights in the same season.

5. Kalahari Desert, Africa

Kalahari is another name in deadliest deserts from Africa, after Sahara. The word Kalahari means “great thirst.” Such etymology is enough to depict how tough life can be here. The desert is arid, but it is home to many wild animals in the world, including lions and cheetahs, etc. Kalahari is also known for its magnificent red sand, marvelous mounds and a deceptive beauty, ready to be a trap.

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