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How to Deal with 4 Month Old Baby Sleep Regression

A four-month-old baby’s sleep regression is nothing less than a challenge for moms. Dealing with the babies at this stage can be much frustrating as they change their sleep cycle. Moms can’t predict the exact time when their baby sleeps and wakes up during this phase. Consequently, they have to spend sleepless nights along with their baby.

Novice moms who don’t know how to deal with this situation, first of all, should know the reason behind the change in their baby’s sleeping pattern.

What exactly is 4 Month Old Baby Sleep Regression?

It is very common for a mom to get worried about a four-year-old baby’s sleep regression. But, there is nothing to care about. As soon as a baby turns four months old, he immediately changes his sleeping pattern. He no longer takes deep sleep on the night and also wakes up earlier. As a result of this new routine, he gets exhausted and even makes his mom suffer.

Reason behind Baby’s Sleep Regression

Four-month-old baby’s sleep regression is a very natural thing. It is an integral part of development and shows that a kid is undergoing a healthy growth. During the first four months, sleep cycle that babies follow is entirely different to adults. They take a deep sleep. After this period they start changing their sleeping pattern. So, a baby’s sleep regression denotes a duration in which he goes through a transformation. At this stage, babies find it difficult to sleep. In fact, they stay awake for most of the times.

Four Month Old Baby's Sleep Regression

Well, moms should try to cope with this situation instead of interfering with baby’s routine. But they can also mitigate their frustration by developing few techniques.

Here is how moms can deal with a four-month-old baby sleep regression?

  1. Dummies are very useful for keeping a baby engaged. Recently, an Essex couple’s 10 dummy trick for putting their daughter to sleep, went viral on social media. So, arranging dummies on the baby’ cot can make him sleep earlier.
  2. Another right way to handle the situation is by putting the baby into the swing. In this way, baby gets an earlier sleep. Here, moms should make sure that their baby doesn’t become habitual of this.
  3. Moms can also dream-feed their baby, while he or she is sleeping. In this way, they don’t get up earlier for another feed and hence sleep longer. But, moms should be careful with dream feeding as it is not always helpful.

Note: As mentioned earlier, moms must be prepared for their baby’s sleep regression period. They should be mentally ready to cope with this. After all, it is just a healthy change and essential for the baby himself.

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