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Death Count Reaches 18 in Florence Due To Prodigious Flood

According to the reports, Florence is facing the worst flood in its history. Routes to North and South Carolina are totally blocked and seized by the flow of massive water. The process of rescuing the refugees is becoming tougher as the time is passing. This is the reason why the death count has reached 18, including a man and woman which died of carbon monoxide poisoning in Florence. Moreover, in North and South Carolina approximately, 740,000 homes and businesses are still suffering because of deluge.

Cause Of Flood In Florence

Due to the massive rainfall and tropical cyclones, weather condition is developing a great sense of depression in the region. Florence along with North Carolina is at the urge of destruction with the worst form of flood and storm. According to reports residents were requested to leave their homes, yet because of blocked paths and ways these all deaths occurred.

According to the National Hurricane Center, the flood has taken a significant portion of Florence and North Carolina. This is not the end of destruction, much more is yet to come as two more hurricanes are still expected to arrive in this region within a few days, according to the weather reports.

FIMAN, For Monitoring The Flow OF Flood In Different Areas

Media sources have revealed that for controlling this abnormal situation, a software has been developed by the NC Flood Inundation Mapping and Alert Network. This software works for informing the flow of flood by targeting the nearest river at the location of the user. This way the trapped persons will be able to leave and this software will be used as the precautionary measure to prevent this situation in future.

Other Parts Of The World

This is not the first time when a part of this world is suffering from such a situation. A few days ago Jebi, the strongest typhoon in 25 years, reached Japan. This natural incident created the severe situation in the area and caused destruction in many ways.

Karela, a state of India is also suffering from flood and due to poor management, many people have lost their lives and homes. The process of reducing the affected persons is still going on and not only the governments but the common public is also contributing

Whereas, in August 2018, Hawaii also suffered Hurricane Lane and bore the damage due to a natural disaster.

Condolences and Payers

These incidents which are caused by nature prove to be very brutal for man. No matter how many precautionary measures are there, still the destruction is faced by the public somehow. May the dead souls rest in peace and our immense prayers, are with those who faced the loss of their loved ones.

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