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These Reactions on Alleged Death of Kim Jong-un Are Really Funny

Kim Jong-un who is the supreme leader of North Korea since 2011 has become more enigmatic to the world from the last couple of days. He is the third leader after Kim Il-sung, his grandfather who established North Korea in 1948. His absence from the birth anniversary of the founder on 15th April is giving rise to speculations regarding ill health and death of Kim Jong-un.

Some say he died while and reports backed by satellite imagery suggest that he is receiving treatment in a resort as his personal train was spotted nearby. Quite frankly, no one knows his whereabouts but they are sure enjoying remembering him. He’s being remembered in a way that there is definitely going to be a shoutout from wherever he is.

Social Media Reactions On Alleged Death of Kim Jong-un

Reportedly it was TMZ that did the honours for kicking off this awesome Sunday. It was an eye popping moment to see such information from a reputed news source.

There was no other source that broke this news but people reminded themselves that TMZ was right about Kobe Bryant’s death.

They took a funny swipe at international media that did not get to the real news about death of Kim Jong-un yet. 

Therefore they used those iconic binoculars and saw what was actually going on

Some wondered how exactly North Korea feels about being able to use the internet again; the reason is that North Korea is under the rule of a strict dictatorship with a number of restrictions on citizens including those related to using the internet.

People have already decided what to tell their kids about who killed the supreme leader. James Franco and Seth Rogan played two reporters assigned to interview an evil Kim Jong-un

There also has to be a reaction from the dictator’s close frenemy Donald Trump as there was the reaction from Kim Jong-un on Fire and Fury.

How Would The Doctors React?

Twitterati cannot be anymore creative. These memes show how glorified is the life and death of dictators. The infamous coffin guys were invited to do their job.

The death of Kim Jong-un reportedly occurred due to heart attack but the surgeons also may have been over enthusiastic so he pounced upon the first opportunity.

Rest of the surgeons were left to fend for themselves so everyone hid wherever they could.

Because they would not have been able to explain how the surgery went down.

If somebody gets caught eventually, they will gladly confess to the whole scenario.

 Reminder: All these are speculative reactions on an alleged death of Kim Jong-un.

Some Anticipation of the Next Possible Dictator Of North Korea

People are anticipating that after the reported death of Kim Jong-un, his sister will be the new leader of North Korea. Her name is Kim Yo Jong and she is the most powerful woman in North Korea. She is the mastermind behind the constructed public image of Kim Jong-un.

The fun and games were over when people realized that. His sister is perceived to be the worse evil of the two.

Some suggested that Jong-un’s sister looks like the ultimate bad guy in a Hollywood movie.

This maniacal laugh is a perfect example of how people think the dictator’s sister would be feeling after his unusual death.

And how could Simpsons have missed this one. It was said long ago that she would be the first female dictator in the world.

So this is how North Korea feels after hearing the bittersweet news.

Publicity Stunt or An Evil Plot?

Given the lack of news reports, there could be a chance for his return and his reaction on how everybody reacted to his death. Moreover they thought everything would be fine in North Korea now.

If North Korea thinks that their leader is dead and they are free then they must think again.

People are also of opinion that he could have faked his own death while plotting for some greater evil

It is a matter of huge concern for people who tweeted in the heat of the moment without anticipating Kim Jong Un’s response. Given the capacity of North Korea’s ICBM, people should beware of pissing this guy off

Possible Afterlife Of The Supreme Leader

One can only imagine the reaction of the supreme leader of hell after Jong-un walked through the gates of hell.

Well it could be a long day for the general going through that long line of poor people he probably executed.

He would probably need his friends along his side for the long ride in hell.

Meanwhile, in heaven, Otto Warmbier would be happy about the death of Kim Jong-un. He was an American visiting North Korea and was imprisoned due to challenging the power and authority of the system. He was released in 2017 in a vegetative state which resulted in his death soon after.

The news is probably not true but it was still fun to imagine a sudden death of a dictator who might have a few evil deeds under his belt. People really want all the evil people to leave the Earth and continue their shenanigans in hell.
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