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Decline of Communication Due to Technology

Technology is already changing the way we are communicating with each other. The face-to-face decline of communication is the result of advancement in the new devices and ease of connectivity. The decline of communication is a consequence of a change in the medium. We tend to be more inclined to exchanging information via text messages, emails, and social media updates. In 1995, only six million people were using the Internet. Now, in 2017, around 3.7 billion people over the globe use the Internet.

Technology is not always bad for the humans. But too much reliance on it can sometimes produce hazardous results for us. For example, the increasing use of music players, alarm clocks, televisions, computers, and smartphones portrays our dependence on it. The ease of technology use has been a major factor in the decline of communication with a person. The use of these different mediums has also impacted the quality of communications.

Let us have a look at how technology has resulted in the decline of communication.

Text Messages’ Major Impact on Decline of Communication

Communication skills deplete when we are not using them correctly. Text messages take the formality, syntax, and rules of the grammar out of the language usage. Thus, short messaging services are impacting the quality of communications. The use of short words and acronyms like OMG and FYI are making it hard for individuals to communicate effectively in their daily lives.

The use of shorter sentences leads to less depth and meaning in conversations. When there is no face to face conversation, the younger generation is not able to develop eye contact. Eye contact is an essential part of developing effective communication skills.

Social Media Friendships Make Real Friends Less Important

We used to cherish friendships with real friends before the advent of social media. People would find time to reach out to friends and meet them in person. However, the ability to add anyone as a friend regardless your affiliation with them has reduced the importance of depth in friendship. Even if you see someone in real life, you do not feel the urge to have a face-to-face conversation.Decline of Communication Due to TechnologyThe use of social media cannot replace the benefits of building a social network with your friends and having face-to-face meetings with them. Therefore, instead of declining to use social media for conversations, you must put it to intelligent use. Break the ice by adding people you know but have never talked to in person. However, always find the time to meet with them in person to talk and communicate your viewpoint.

Some Ways to Overcome Decline of Communication Due to Technology

Here are some ways to overcome decline of communication caused by technological innovation.

Use of the Right Medium

We should not just use one medium for every type of conversation. For example, it would be more appropriate to send your colleague an office document via email instead of as an attachment on Facebook.

Avoid Use of Slang or Shorter Sentences of Words

Everyone is not familiar with the slang words, shorter sentences or self-made acronyms. Therefore, avoid using them wherever possible. The use of meaningless words and sentences adds to decline of communication.

Understand Cultural Contexts

If you are communicating with a person of another region, understand their culture. The decline of communication quality can stem from ignoring about cultural values. For example, some cultures praise individual efforts while in others, people appreciate team effort.

Learn A Few Phrases from Other Language

There is no harm in learning a few phrases with their meaning from another language. Always make sure to use them in the right context. For example, saying hi in Chinese to your Chinese client can help break the barriers of communication.

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