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How Is Deep Nostalgia Influencing People’s Emotions?

People are widely using a newly introduced phone application ‘Deep Nostalgia’ by My Heritage. The app has become a trend in no time since it is designed to turn static images into motion pictures. One can only imagine how this particular AI software can affect a human mind through its functioning. For instance, many users of this tech-piece are having a great time utilizing it because seeing someone moving in an image is nothing but fascinating for them. On the other hand, certain users are not only using the application for amusement purposes but also to entertain their sentimental values.

Deep Nostalgia Brings The Dead Back to Life

Several individuals are applying the app features on the pictures of their beloved deceased ones. The application is a marvel for several entities as it temporarily gives them a moment of happiness. A wide range of people is using the technology for the purpose of reviving the ones they have lost. This way, they can see those people moving in the form of a video, which gives them a momentary satisfaction.

Numerous personalities have shared motion pictures on multiple social media platforms.  They claimed how good it felt to see their ancestors like they were in a video. Some social media users shared mentioned that they used deep nostalgia to experience how their forefathers would be like.

How Does It Work?

My heritage’s Deep Nostalgia feature animates the pictures and converts those into short video clips. In the videos then, the face of the person in the picture starts making gestures; for instance, blinking, head tilting, and smiling. Also, My Heritage created a few drivers in order to complete and make the feature functional. The drivers create effects on the static pictures and turn the images into HQ, realistic videos.

Besides, the DeepFake feature does not give the exact featuring outcome but almost accurate details of the persons in the pictures.

Moreover, the particular feature has certain limitations like it requires a high-resolution image to create the animation or video effects. It cannot be applied on multiple snaps at the same time. In order to do so, the person will have to apply the DeepFake on each face separately. Lastly, the fun part for the users is that they can share the clips with their peers after completing the animation.

Is It Creepy Or Useful?

In the world of technological advancements including the use of nanotechnology, smart computers, and phones, Deep Nostalgia is becoming another marvel of the time. Nonetheless, where it is taking the form of an admirable thing among people, there are also certain wonderments regarding the whole concept.

For one, many social media crawlers are arguing whether the Deep Nostalgia AI program is useful in any way possible or is it functional in creeping everyone out. As a reference, they stated that seeing pictures move, reminds them of horror films in which the ghosts come to life through pictures and haunt their victims.

Also, to prove their point, certain people on social platforms used the DeepFake program on some creepy pictures to see what sort of effect it gives.

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