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Deepika and Ranveer to Follow Virushka for Their Wedding?

Deepika and Ranveer’s alleged relationship is the talk of the town. From setting the screen on fire with their remarkable chemistry to celebrating holidays together in the Maldives, the couple seems inseparable now.

The controversial Bollywood film Padmavati that stars Deepika and Ranveer in lead roles has given a tough time to the actors. But, in the company of each other, they seem to forget every tension and depression.

According to rumors, Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh are likely to get married in 2018. Well, most of such news are mere speculations which can come true as happened in case of Virushka.

We have substantial reasons to believe that Deepika and Ranveer can tie a knot by following the footsteps of Virushka and here is why.

Deepika and Ranveer’s Together Make a Great Mystery for Media

The alleged celebrity couple is no mood of revealing their future intentions. First rumor spread that the couple was spending holidays together in Sri Lanka. Later, media reports showed something else, which gives a hint into what the couple plans for future. According to later, revelations Deepika and Ranveer spent their holidays in Vienna and then headed towards the Maldives via connecting flight from Colombo. In the exotic holiday location of Maldives, they booked a resort along with their families and celebrated 32nd Birthday of Deepika.

In this way, they are one step away from Virushka whose families being together in a holiday location, made headlines only during their wedding.

How they are Following the Foot Steps of Virushka

Virat and Anushka didn’t communicate about their intentions to get married in December 2017. Media widely reported about the chances of Kohli and Anushka Wedding. They were not even sure the last moment before the celebrity couple finally tied the knot. The same kind of hype is prevalent on social media about Deepika and Ranveer’s wedding.

Deepika and Ranveer’s Wedding; An Entertainment

Social media users celebrated Virushka wedding with hilarious reactions and memes. They also leveraged their creativity to make sure that Kohli and Anushka didn’t miss a spot on the Earth, where they don’t go after their wedding. The fact is evident from the funny honeymoon pictures of Virushka in Pakistan.

So, can social media carve out such entertainment from Deepika and Ranveer wedding as well? The answer is yes because the celebrity couple has done a lot of work together. Hence, it would be easy to utilize their onscreen scenes for bringing out something worth laughing at.

If the alleged couple decides to tie a knot, then we can’t wait anymore for seeing a Virushka episode repeating itself.

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