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Deepika Pedukone Faces Boycott Chhapaak Campaign for Visiting JNU

Bollywood actress Deepika Pedukone becomes a victim of pro-BJP propagandists on social for visiting JNU and showing solidarity with the students. The actress is now facing boycott chhapaak campaign that targets her upcoming film.

What Is Chhapaak All About?

Chhapaak staring Deepika Pedukone is a movie based on real-life events regarding the struggle of an acid attack victim named Laxmi Agarwal. It depcits the struggle Laxmi had to go through to get justice from the Indian judiciary system.

The film is produced by the actress herself and is meant to highlight one of the darkest aspects of Indian society in which thousands of women each year become victims of an acid attack. Despite having one of the most advanced medical facilities the burns and scars marks that are produced on the victim’s body can’t be undone or reduced. Hence they are forced to live out their remaining life in the shadows due to fear of public ridicule and insult.

A Film Which Is Earning Immense Praise

According to Deepika, she produced this film to inspire and encourage other acid attack victims to come forth from the shadows and fight for their right. People from all walks of life are coming forth to congratulate the actress for producing this film.

Was He There to Promote Her Movie?

Bollywood celebrities have a huge influence on their fan base in the country. The fact that a super star is standing with the students who are victim of state’s brutality is not acceptable for pro-state factions. In India, BJP government is also famous for actively using social media as a propaganda tool to defame those who stand against its policy.

Therefore, it was inevitable for Deepika to not face such hate and campaign to boycott her movies by BJP social media machinery for showing solidarity with affected JNU students.

Haters are asking people to unfollow Deepika and not watch her film Chhapaak.

The protagonists of Hinudtva ideology now even had an excuse to target Chhapaak movie in an attempt to show that only Hindus were always targeted by the Bollywood which is false. There are a plenty of bollywood movies in which muslims are depicted as terrorists.

Students in India from educational institutes like JNU (Jawahar Lal Nehru University), JMI (Jamia Millia Islamia) and AMU (Ali Garh Muslim University) along with other citizens have been protesting against Citizenship Amendment Act. Indian government is going to every lengths to curb the dissent and target the protesters. In mid of december Dehli police had attacked students in Jamia Millia Islamia University and now masked goons with sticks which are said to have support of cops attacked the lift wing students in JNU.

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