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Dental Implants – Is It a Safe Option to Choose?

You may not know about the procedures that have been traditionally used to replace damaged and decayed teeth. Fixed bridges and dentures used to be the standard methods of replacing the crooked tooth for decades. Therefore, now people are a bit hesitant to shift to a newly devised method, i.e., dental implants and safety remain the biggest concern.

Let us have a look at how this dental procedure works and how is it better and safer

A dental implant usually made up of titanium, is fixed at the place of a missing tooth. It also serves as a substitute for the extremely decayed tooth. When a tooth is removed either accidentally or as a result of damage or decay, the visible part known as a crown along with the root is lost.

Resultantly, a dental implant is placed into the jawbone so that it can merge with the natural bone to serve as a strong base for the placement of a new tooth (permanent or replaceable). On the other hand, the traditional dentures can slip or can give out a rattling sound as you speak.

Contrary to the fixed bridges, which are anchored with another adjacent (healthy) teeth, it can damage them too with the passage of time, but the dental implants are set on strong bases and serve like natural teeth.

Dental Implants – Is It a Safe Option to Choose

Other benefits of dental implants include:

Enhanced Smile

The dental implant is fused with your jawbone to serve as permanent teeth. A cosmetic dentist in Pakistan chooses a replacement tooth that matches with the original one. Therefore, patients can restore their natural smile without involving any risk.

Smooth Speech

The dentures somehow affect the speech of the patients by causing mumbling of the words due to slip of teeth. Dental implants don’t let you face any such issue, and you feel as comfortable as with your natural teeth.

Healthy Eating

Have you ever noticed that the patients who get dentures face difficulties in chewing and eating? They feel deprived of eating their favorite things; whereas those, who get dental implants, eat what they want and that too comfortably. Eating plays an important role in maintaining overall health and fitness.

So, nothing feels as good as getting your natural tooth back, and it also makes you more confident. Whenever you have a plan to get a dental implant, always choose a reliable dentist near you.

Author - Ayat Siddiqui

Ayat Siddiqui is a passionate writer with particular interest in writing on topics relating to health, fitness, and medical procedures.

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