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Depression in women- Things you need to know about it

Depression is a mood disorder that involves a continuous feeling of sadness, and a loss of interest in every day activity. It is a common and serious illness that negatively affects the victims, their thoughts and ways they act.  The major life goals like losing a job or rejection can be some of the few causes. Such events can adversely affect life goals and increase stress. Very often situation of mental stress becomes an ongoing problem that consists of many episodes. It can last for a week, month or a year.

There is no lack of people (men, women, kids) who suffer from this mental illness as this infographic shows.

Depression leaves a person in the state of no way out as this poem shows what ultimate confusion it causes.

Some Causes and Affects of Depression in Women

Depression in women is very common and can impact every area including physical health, social life, and relationships. According to some reports women are twice likely to suffer mental illness than men.

Usually these are the certain events like ups and downs in life that can cause mental disturbance.

There are many reasons for depression in women like social circumstances. Other factors like inherited traits, and personal life issues and experiences are also linked to a higher risk of metal disturbance.

Women are more likely to experience anxiety dis-order

Women experience dramatic hormonal changes during menstruation, pregnancy, childbirth, and menopause; the hyper-activity of hormones can also lead to mental stress.

These are not only common working women or housewives who face the issues of mental health. Celebrities who have no lack of wealth, or fame are also prone to this. Several  celebrities on different occasions have opened up about how they suffered due to stress.

The singer Frankie Bridge explains how she fight from mental disturbance.

Symptoms of the depression in women

There is no test for depression, doctor can only judge by patient’s physical behavior and symptoms. There are some common symptoms but they are not prevalent in every victim. It depends on the cause and it varies from person to person.

The major symptoms of depression are:

Lack of sleep

The most common symptom is the lack of sleep at night. Not getting enough sleep makes the situation worst. Insufficient sleep can cause irritability and stress, which directly disturbs the thinking ability, productivity, creativity, and emotional balance.

Mood swings

Hormonal changes, ill-managed routine, and even changes in weather affect the mood such issues make it difficult to concentrate on a particular task making it difficult to achieve short term goals.

Digestive issue

Depression puts a direct impact on the gut’s functioning. There is a strong connection between the gut and the brain. In other words, stress can affect the bowel movement of the stomach.  It is easy to understand that way, why people feel nauseated before giving a presentation or feel intestinal pain during times of stress. Contrary to this, they also get butterflies in stomach on receiving good news.

Change in interest

Depression takes away the pleasure and enjoyment of doing things the person loves to do otherwise. The victim shows a lack of interest and motivation. Even starts neglecting interest and hobbies. Such kind of depression in women is common in victims who have to give up on their work life in favor of their marital life.

Social Symptoms

Depression leads to a lack of confidence which leads to avoiding contact with friends and taking part in fewer social activities.

Suicidal thoughts including self-harm

Lack of self-esteem and self-confidence are also a symptom of stress they lead to victims blaming themselves or even making attempts to commit suicide.

How to overcome depression

Set a Routine

Depression disturbs the routine so much those who want to overcome, they have to get organized. Set a gentle routine to get back to the track. Set small goals and try to achieve them.

Take Exercise

Physical activity gives a boost to mood and brain. It helps lower the depression.

Jogging make you active and going out brings positive change.

Apart from exercise a less intense work-out regime or yoga also makes body flexible.

Eat Healthy

Focus on your diet and try to eat healthy especially fatty-acid omega-3. The brain needs fatty acids that are in omega-3 for proper functioning. Omega-3 interacts with the mood-related molecules of the brain and has an anti-inflammatory property that relieves the depression.

Get Enough Sleep

Try to keep a sleeping routine, i.e. not too much and not too less. Take actions like calm your mind and body, by trying some relaxation exercises like breathing. 

Listen to upbeat music

Music is an effective therapy to overcome depression. Listening to music helps to stimulate emotional responses which lead to muscle relaxation, increase in self-esteem and motivation, and decrease depression.

Stay Connected

Connect with your friends and family and try to recall the happy memories once you enjoy with them which helps in relaxation of mind. Force yourself to go out and do things that subtly lifts your mood.

Get some sunlight

Exposure of sunlight increases the release of the hormone which in turn helps boost the mood.

Write Journal

Writing can help a person by putting the thoughts and feeling to surface. By writing one can figure out the way and strategies of achieving their goals. 

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