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Indians Are Sad For Dhoni’s Ugly Dismissal in CWC 2019

After fighting long and hard, India managed to qualify for the semifinals but lost to New Zealand today. Apart from their team’s defeat fans of Indian cricket team are sad at Dhoni’s ugly dismissal in today’s match and are bidding him a final farewell.

Dhoni’s Ugly Dismissal is Heart Breaking

Mahindra Singh Dhoni also is known as MS Dhoni is the ex-captain of the Indian cricket that won the world cup in 2011. He is considered to be one of Indias most exceptional player to have walked on to the ground. India vs New Zealand was Dhoni’s final match. After looking at Dhoni’s ugly dismissal in this game, Indians are heartbroken for him. They are requesting him to forget about today’s run out and thanking him for his services.

Ever since he led India to victory in 2011 cricket world cup, he has grown on people immensely. For some, he is the god of cricket.

Indians have taken to social media to express their anger towards those who are criticizing MS Dhoni on his ugly dismissal. They are reminding people that this is just a game and should be treated as such as he tried his best.

It’s Just a Game

To some Indians, the Dhoni’s run out reminded them of a scene from the Game of Thrones series in which the knight king kills one of the dragons by throwing a spear with an ice tip that punctures the dragons lungs and heart.

Despite Dhoni’s previous outstanding performances and his announcement that he will retire after the world cup 2019 people while blaming him are demanding him to retire soon as he can’t play anymore.

It’s Suppressing to See That a Man Whose Career Started with a Run-out has also ended it with a Run Out

Some Indians feel that there were six players outside the circle during one of the power plays before Dhoni got out and are wondering why no one is taking any action against this


Overall India’s defeat is making Pakistanis have a field day on Twitter as they too have already been knocked out of the tournament.

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