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Diljit Dosanjh and Kangana Ranaut Fight Over Farmers Protest in India

The spat between Punjabi singer and Diljit Dosanjh and Kangana Ranaut who also happens to be supporter of BJP government remained center of attention on social media. It all began after Kangana played down a woman protesting with Indian farmers against the new agricultural laws.

Diljit despised the comment by Kangana on social media about an elderly person who was supporting the farmers. Her comment became an ember that lit the fire of arguments between the celebrities and started a furious contest between her and the Punjabi singer.

The issue of Indian farmers’ protest against government’s new laws was already a matter of heated debate on social media. Many Punjabi celebrities including Great Khali also joined farmers protest. However, it was Diljit’s spat with Kangana that caught the attention and also became an entertainment for the users.

Story of Diljit Dosanjh and Kangana Ranaut Fight

Nevertheless, the argumentative commenting between the stars started after she insulted an elderly person. She called a Punjabi old aged woman a person who is easily available for Rs 100 to protest against the government. The actress shared the old picture of the same woman from Shaheen Bagh protest against India’s citizenship laws. The protests in Shaheed Bagh had ende after covid 19.

She meant that the protesters paid her to come and join the protest. However, she deleted the post/tweet after a while but Diljit Dosanjh had supposedly acknowledged it already.  

As a response, Punjabi singer Dosanjh tweeted that is it sensible to talk ill about an elderly woman who is like our mother. Do not distract from the main point and talk about where she supposedly went wrong while talking about an old woman. He added that it is not necessary she is always right. 

She responded through a tweet in which she said that it didn’t matter whether he or she was correct, but what mattered was that country should stay fine. She also mentioned that she was frustrated with how people are misleading poor farmers and that these protests annoyed her. She was upset because of the riots who are behind pain and blood in the country. 


Ranaut, clarified that she talked about some other lady and not Mahinder Kaur. As per her, she just talked about Bilkis Bano who was seen at Shaheen Baag during the Indian farmer protest. She also asked to stop tweeting against her for no apparent reason. 


After this the heated arguemnt progressed and went viral on social media with other celebrities giving their opinion on the matter. It was the Kangana who recieved the criticism since she was already popular for her far right narrative in speaking in favor of BJP government’s policies irrespective of the fact how lethal they are for the people f

Celebrities against Kangana Ranuat

It was not only Diljit Dosanjh who criticised Kangana for misleading the people about Indian farmers’ plight but many other celebrities who condemnded her populist act.

Mika Singh who is known for his hit songs in Bollywood movies expressed how he used to admire Kangana’s work and now feels bad after what she said. He said that she should apologize for badmouthing about an aged and motherlike lady. 

Saloni Gaur, a comedian posted her video on Twitter in which she was doing Ranaut’s mimicry. Since Diljit’s tweets were in Punjabi language, Saloni was mocking her as she supposedly didn’t know a word of Punjabi.  

Ammy Virk, a Punjabi singer trolled Kangana by creating a video in which allegedly meant that Kangana Ranaut did a stupid job by starting a fight with Dosanjh. This Diljit vs Kangana will turn out to be bad for her. 

Punjabi Celebrities and Indian Farmers’ Protest

It might not be wrong to say that Punjabi people always stick together in every situation. This protest included Punjabi farmers, therefore many people who belong to Punjab, stood against the system. Among these people, some Punjabi celebrities also supported the farmers. For instance, Gippy Grewal, another Punjabi singer and actor who voiced the concerns of farmers.

the Bollywood actress, Taapse Pannu expressed her emotions towards the Sikhs and Punjabis. She shared a video of some Sikhs who were telling the media that their wives and children were taking care of the crops and land while they were protesting for their demands.  

Jassie Gill, a Punjabi singer supported the farmers through art. 

a Punjabi as well as Bollywood actor Jimmy Sheirgill also tweeted in favor of the farmers.


Why Indian Farmers Are Protesting

The protests on behalf of Indian farmers are not new. Well, this year they are uniting against the new laws that make farmers sell their produce to big corporations without including a middleman. The laws may seem progressive for some experts since the farmers have been exploited alot by middlemen who buy at lower rates and sell in market at higher rates. However, the new laws don’t gaurantee that farmers will not suffer anymore exploitations. The farmers with lessor land will not have much bargaining power in setting the prices and they will suffer the most. According to reports, the negotiations are on the way between farmers and the Indian government. Nevertheless the recent protest by Indian farmers is one of the biggest in the history as tens of thousands have joined hands in Dehli to demand their voices heard.

While, there are many people supporting farmers there is no lack of supporters of modi government who are deliberately or inadvertedly pushing forward the arguements to discredit the concerns of farmers. The online spat between Diljit Dosanjh and Kangana Ranaut explains the similar situation.

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