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Disney Star Liu Yifei Faces Backlash for Supporting Hong Kong Police

The Disney star Liu Yifei is facing extreme backlash over showing her support for the Hong Kong police which is actively taking steps to curb the protests.

Why Liu YiFei Is Facing the Heat?

Liu Yifei through Weibo the  Chinese version of twitter posted a message praising the Hong Kong police. The post read “I support the Hong Kong police. You can all attack me now. What a shame for Hong Kong.”

Just like that all the angry cannons turned towards her and started unloading a hail of negative comments. This eventually led to people deciding to boycott Disney’s upcoming film Mulan in which Yifei is playing the lead role.

Is This What You Support?

The protests were initiated to stop passing of a law that allowed the extradition of Hong Kong residents to mainland China thus subjecting dissidents to the persecution. The law, however, didn’t go through. During the protests, reports of HK police mistreating and harassing some protesters came forth. So naturally, some people asked  Liu Yifei If this was what she supported.

It’s tough for movies to get a good box office review after the star of the film gets involved in such a controversy. So Disney executives, especially those who were closely associated with the upcoming move must be pulling their hair out of frustration.

Does Disney Support YiFei’s Support for Hong Kong Police?

Disney has always been very image-conscious about its brand and the way its users perceive it. The entertainment company tries not to associate itself with some negative publicity stunt. The silence of Disney over the point of view of Liu Yifei is making people question the company’s stance on this matter.

According to media reports, the Hong Kong police have adopted more aggressive tactics that are very dehumanizing. They have showered protesters with rubber bullets and tear gas. Therefore, in such a circumstance Yifei’s remarks were much likely to outrage the people.

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