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Fans Are Loving the Disney’s Trailer of The Lion King

Disney has just dropped the teaser trailer of The Lion King and fans are loving it. The first look of the Disney’s Live Action has left viewers drawing comparisons between 1994 animated film and the version which is going to release in 2019.

Fans on The Lion King Trailer

A look at the twitter reactions on The Lion King teaser shows that most of the people who shared their views were those who watched this animated film in 1994, but they were still determined to watch the live action version.

In fact, folks were becoming more nostalgic, as someone shared the comparison of original and the present movie. Let’s have a look at it.

And, parents are going to be more excited than the kids. Off course, they watched it in their childhood with the same excitement.

Watching Mufasa Die

Fans’ reaction shows that watching Mufasa die was going to be a daring experience but they still had an urge to go for movie.

And the scene has traumatized the 90s kid.

There was a warning for the present day kids that don’t dare to watch it to save yourself from the shock.

And, Musafa is all over the Twitter reactions. Not so many people are talking about his cub Simba. Why?

Sorry Disney but if you saw a lack of audience in theaters then it will be only because folks were not willing to watch Musafa die again.

The movie is going to be all about two experiences- first watching innocent looking Simba a happy one and second seeing a dieing Mufasa a sad one.

Disney is simply playing with the sentiments of those who hardly forgot the dieing scene of Mufasa in 1994 film. And, this reaction of the Twitter user says it.

What Is the Lion King All About

The Lion King is the story of Mufasa and his cub Simba. After the death of Mufasa, Simba faces competition from the other heirs of kingdom. Later the film is all about fight that Simba puts up to get his legitimate right. The story takes place in an African forest.

The film stars Donald Grover, Seth Rogen, Chiwetel Ejiofer, and Billy Eichner. Ronald Grover will play the  Simba and JD McCary will play the young Simba. The film will hit theaters in July 19, 2019.

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