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Funny Reasons Why People Get Kicked Out of Disneyland

Disneyland is considered to be one of the biggest themed parks in the world. Every year thousands of people from around the world visit this recreational place. Almost more than a million people visit the theme parks branch in California. For a person to get kicked out of such a fun-filled place for something stupid is wrong; well there are hilarious reasons for which someone can definitely be kicked out of Disney’s theme park.

Here Are Some Reasons for Getting Booted Out Of Disneyland

Like every theme park, Disneyland has a wide variety of rides and places where children can meet their favorite Disney characters who at time offer them candy or treats. For some children, the treats carry more value as compared to meeting the Disney characters. So when they don’t get the treats they lose their mind and hence get kicked out.

Brawling is Not Allowed

A place that is visited by so many people belonging to different race and cultures always brings along with it the threat of violence and misunderstanding. Just recently a family was kicked out and banned for life when they started a brawl in Disney’s Toon Town. The worst thing is that the security took so long to arrive on the scene.

People at times lose their sense of judgment and end up doing or saying stupid things that they later regret saying after getting banned.

For Not Reacting the Way Character Reacted in Films

Disney recently opened a Star Wars themed section in one of its theme parks where fans get a chance to play and re-enact some of their favorite scenes from star wars. Some fans get too carried away and start to miss use their items provided to them for the re-enactment. Hence getting themselves booted out.

Disney’s song of the south is an old classic song that features a bunch of happy black slaves on a plantation having the time of their lives. For this misrepresentation of the slave era, Disney faced immense backlash and stopped selling it. Imagine if someone got kicked out for about its remake.

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