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Discovery’s New Cartoon Fukrey Boyzzz is Funny As Hell

Discovery India dropped the first trailer of its animated cartoon called Fukrey Boyzzz, and people are loving it. The animated cartoon series is based on hit movie series Fukrey

Fukrey Boyzzz Plot

According to the trailer and the information provided by Discovery India, the Fukrey Boyzzz will be themed after the three main characters of the movie series Fukery who are in their childhood. The cartoon series will feature the funny things children do day in and day out with little regard for anything. Furthermore, the series highlights the purity of friendship and the level of endless love kids have for one another. The series will air on October 12, 2019, on Discovery kids

What Was Fukrey All About

The original Fukrey movie series that was directed by Farhan Akhter. It features three friends in their early twenties who get themselves into trouble with a female gangster named Bholi. The gangster loans the friends money after hearing a very convening sales pitch regarding a lottery company they plan to open and make millions.

A local politician who already runs a local lottery business gets upset with these friends and orders them to stop as they are cut into their business. Despite the warning, the three continue to run their operations the upset politician paints them as public enemy number one.

What follows is a comedy filled journey that ends with them getting rid of all their problems

Reaction to Fukrey Boyzzz Trailer

Fans, after learning that the animated cartoon series features the return of their favorite characters are excited and are eager to watch the film.

Others are surprised as they had never thought of seeing an animated version of their favorite Bollywood movies’ character.

The trailer was just making fans laugh out loud. The movie’s success is likely to inspire other animated adoptions of Bollywood characters.
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