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Will Disney’s Mulan Win Back Chinese Audience After All The Tussling

Disney has released the first trailer of one of its old classic Mulan. The film is based on a Chinese legend of a female warrior named Hua Mulan who joined the military to her family’s honor at a time when women were restricted from taking part in the military exercise.

The Legend of Mulan

According to the legend, Mulan lived in a small village during the time of the Qing dynasty rule. Her father was a retired soldier who got his leg wounded in a battle. One day a royal messenger came to her village and announced that one male from every house who could bear arms must report to the military boot camp for training to fight against the Huns. To protect her father, she got herself conscripted by disguising herself as male.

After one intense fight with the Hun, she got injured and needed medical assistance. At that point, she got discovered. She was later on pardoned by the king in light of her honorable services and was allowed to stay in the military.

China’s Significance for Disney

Over the years, China has become a major player in the world economy. About 70 percent of all Disney’s entertainment profits come from foreign markets out of which China is the biggest contributor. Despite having done major business in, the first version of the Mulan was not liked much resulting in heavy criticism for Disney.

People after watching the movie feel that there was a great degree of misrepresentation of historical facts related to the story and were greatly angered by it and demanded a remake of the film. According to marketing experts, Disney knows the importance of China as it plays a significant role in determining in the success of a movie because it has a huge fan base that can’t be offended with misrepresentation of a legend.

The Disney’s Mulan is just another remake along with Aladdin, Toy Stories and The Lion King.

Disney Avoiding More Mistakes in Mulan

To avoid repeating the same mistakes this time, Disney has spent a decent amount of its time on research. It is said that to maintain historical accuracy major segments of the movies will be shot in China.

The US and China trade wars have substantially damaged the diplomatic relation between the two countries so according to some opinions this might even be the US’s attempt to improve the diplomatic relation between the two countries after China started kicking back.

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