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Do You Know about Disturbing Origins of Rose Bowl Parade 2018

Rose Bowl Parade 2018 is just approaching with the arrival of another New Year. Spectators are looking forward to watching this paraded exhibition of roses through live television broadcast. The event seems to be a mere celebration of the New Year. But it is not so.

Such show inevitably makes sense in the spring season. Have you ever thought what the purpose of exhibiting roses, in the peak winter season is? The fact is that Rose Bowl Parade has a bit disturbing history. The actual motive behind celebration might compel you to criticize this more than a century old tradition.

So, let’s have a look of at what the Rose Bowl Parade is all about.

Origin of Rose Bowl Event

The event dates back to January 1890 with members of Pasadena Valley Hunt Club, starting the staging of the parade. It is said that members of the club who belonged to Midwest and East California wanted to brag about their blooming flowers. They were able to enjoy less severe winter as compared to the snow-buried New Yorkers. So, they decided to stage a rose show parade along with horse-drawn carriages.

Rose Bowl Parade

The First Ever Rose Bowl Parade

The Rose Bowl Parade 2018 features rose floats, bands and a Rose Bowl college football match. Honda now sponsors the event, where bands, floats and Equestrians from different places in the country take part. Well, the very first parade was not like this; Almost 2000 people participated in it. After the event got public attention, its name was changed to Tournament of Roses. Later, polo matches, games like tug-of-war and other such sports also became a part of the event.

The first Rose Bowl or the football game took place in 1902, named as the Tournament East-West football game. Since, 1916 till now, football match has become a permanent part of the Rose Bowl Parade.

Rose Bowl Event 2018

In 2018 the event is more like a crazy celebration exhibited at different places in the world. People, hardly pay attention to the fact that the purpose was to boast and the spring-like season before those who were suffering from the harshness of winter. But in the present time, the impact of such boasting perhaps doesn’t matter. Innovation in telecommunication has leveled the field. Now, the inhabitants of the snow cold areas sharing about carving out of different snow-men might instill a sense of deprivation in people. But, this doesn’t mean that others shouldn’t celebrate what they have.

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