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Do You Really Need Fitness Apps to Get in Shape?

An increased trend of fitness consciousness justifies the hype created around the fitness apps. But are these apps useful enough to keep users in shape? Well, there are so many factors that decide the worth of these smartphone apps. It also depends on the users.

After all, this technology is more like monitoring and evaluation assistant. It doesn’t offer a cognitive behavioral therapy, to compel the user to follow a tight fitness regime. Maybe, we see such technological products in future.

For now, let’s talk about the worth of these fitness apps.

Fitness Apps Help in Keeping Track of the Performance

From so many fitness, apps few are associated with particular gadgets like smartwatches. They all have a specific function of planning, tracking, monitoring and evaluating of the overall performance. Few apps also guide on taking exercises and choosing a perfect mix of nutrition and work-outs. For a person who doesn’t mind switching to a healthy lifestyle or picking for taking out time for exercise, these fitness apps, undoubtedly prove helpful enough. In many cases, they also save costs of hiring a separate gym instructor or even a nutritionist. They also become a source of offering health and fitness tips for busy people who otherwise don’t have time.

Making a User Start his Fitness Regime

Need for Fitness AppsIs it possible for a person to start following a tough exercise or diet regime, soon after installing an app or buying a gadget? The answer is partially negative and partially positive. It takes someone very tough fight with oneself to bring a change in routine. Wearing a smartwatch that can track the heartbeat might not be useful, but it is not also useless. Buying of a wristwatch or downloading a fitness app, can also remind a person about his plans for starting exercises. So, up to certain extent, they can be an influence on changing the habit. But those, who can’t skip their favorite show to take exercises, such apps are just meaningless.

Fitness Apps as Motivational Force

Installing a fitness app is not a big deal just like many other free Android Apps. The real struggle is to follow a new plan. For a foodie, who doesn’t have enough courage to fight his craving for unhealthy food, there is no purpose of wasting dollars on any such gadget. Well, the case can be different if these apps have hired brilliant motivational speakers. Here, inspirational quotes and punch lines can make a lazy lad hit the gym. Otherwise, installing the fitness apps is nothing more than increasing burden on smartphone’s memory.

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