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Doctors Dance to Keep Morale High Amidst Coronavirus Scare

Doctors along with nurses have been danicng  to keep morael up due to coronavirus pandemic. . Since the coronavirus crisis is escalating and doctors and nurses are in frontline to fight it, they are also prone to stress and depression due to workload and hectic routine. So there is a reason why doctors dance in different form is going viral on social media.

Coronavirus pandemic has been taking toll on the mental health of health care workers. Despite grim medical health workers have found the ways to get  some positivity.  

Doctors Dance- A Way to Uplift the Spirit

Citizens of th entire world are facing  coronavirus pandemic and they are all looking for a glimpse of hope. Everyone is trying to put smile on the faces of patients and trying to relax them by showing some dance steps.

Video of Iranian Doctors Dance Goes Viral on Social Media

Iran faced one of the deadliest coronavirus outbreak outside China with considerably high death toll. The pandemic left several infected including Deputy Health Minister Iraj Harirchi.

Videos shared on social media show Iranian doctors and nurses in full radioactive gear, masks, and caps are showing off their moves in hospital hallways and labs. 

Iranian American journalist Negar Mortazavi shared Twitter thread of videos of doctors dance along with clapping and laughing sounds in back ground.

Portland Doctor’s TikTok Dance Spreads Joy

Dr. Jason Campbell is a second-year resident physician at the Oregon Health and Science University in Portland. His doctors dance version is now turned into a popular tik tok video.

Doctors spread the message of positivity through dance on an upbeat songs like “Cha-Cha Slide” and “Cupid Shuffle.”

Doctors Dance in Spain

Doctors and nurses were also filmed dancing on Beyonce famous song “Single ladies” wearing PPE suit in Spain

Medical Students Dance in Myanmar

A group of medical students and doctors danced at the Quarantine Center in Yangon entertaining the people in quarantine after their return from abroad.

Doctors Dance Also on Some Disney Classics

Healthcare workers at Phoenix Children’s Hospital danced on Disney Classic trying to put smile on faces of patients and also on viewers’ who got to watch this spectacle through social media.

Nurse followed “flip the switch” TikTok challenge

A Nurse shared the video of “flip the switch” TikTok challenge on Drake’s song. The video shared the message related to the increase rate with  which nurses and doctors were being exposed to this virus.

Nurses and Doctors Dance also After Working Hours

Rojava Syria, Doctors and nurses shared the video of singing and dancing after working hours.

Jefferson Hospital’s Doctors Dance to Level Up

Thomas Jefferson Philadelphia doctors shared the video on song Level up in the midst of coronavirus.

Patients Are Also Joining them In

Well, it seems that doctors are not simply dancing to keep their moral high. They are also doing it to bring smile on the face of their patients.

Turkish Doctor’s Dance

The medical staff of almost every country is trying to keep the situation light. It doesn’t matter whether they belong to Europe or Asia, the trick to keep the things cool is same. Malatya Turkish doctors and healthcare workers did penguin dance to boost the moral of hospital staff..

Doctors Got Talent

A video of patients teaching doctors traditional Uygur dance in Wuhan Chine at a makeshift hospital is also going viral.

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