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Donald Trump and Melania Trump Test Positive for COVID

President of the United States Donald Trump and Melania Trump have tested positive for COVID 19. He broke the news of his ailment through a tweet while announcing his decision of quarantining himself. He also mentioned that Melania Trump was also infected and they both would get through this together. 


Donald Trump and Melania Trump Testing COVID Positive

As per the first lady Melania Trump, she along with president Trump, has decided to quarantine herself in order to take proper precautionary measures. They have postponed the upcoming engagements and advised the public to stay safe. Like Mr. Trump, She also expressed her emotions by saying “we will get through this together”.

 What US Citizens Think about This

The coronavirus, which bankrupted many airline companies, made many businesses lose profits, resulted in employee lay-offs, and killed thousands of people in the past few months, has victimized President Donald Trump along with the first lady Melania Trump.

As per reports, Trump has not been much careful with adapting the precautions: he did not follow the SOPs; neither did he avoid physical contact with people. He shook hands with a number of people, did not bother to be tested, and certainly did not wear masks in public. Supposedly, He might be the reason behind the First Lady catching the virus. 

Interestingly, Trump didn’t take the virus much seriously. In addition, many of his supporters believed that too. The question now arises about the reaction of people now? As Trump has spread the news of his illness himself. 


2020 Doesn’t Seem an Year for Tump

As far as recent series of events are concerned, 2020 is not doing much good for Mr. President:

Recently, Trump was in highlights as he only paid $750 income tax despite $2.5 net worth; many targeted him with the taunts. Now, Presumably, US president Mr. Donald Trump tested positive for coronavirus. He is 74 years old and that is the very reason for him to worry about his health. Despite his age, one more thing that the virus could ruin for him is his presidency: 14 days in quarantine might cause him difficulty in terms of being actively involved in upcoming elections’ activities. His supporters could pray for his health in order to see him in good shape once he comes out of isolation.  

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