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For God’ Sake Trump We Didn’t Have Airports in 1776

People in powerful and influential position have been known to make mistakes as they too were humans. While giving a speech at the Fourth of July parade Donald trump the President of United States mistakenly praised the continental army for defending the airports British were trying to capture. And the people aren’t letting this slide

Seriously! Airports in 1776?

The type and the number of mistakes Trump has made over the years are nothing short of extraordinary. Each outrageous and stupider than the last one. Whenever a president gives a speech, the words of the address are displayed on a prompter just in case he forgets. President Trump’s making mistakes in his speeches is leading people to the conclusion that he may be illiterate or mentally challenged.

Have you ever wondered what he would do if he was asked to sing the national anthem? Would he sing it like this?

Writing Chief as the chef is indeed pardonable mistake but one can’t insist resist doubting the intellect of a person who doesn’t have such a basic level of history.

So What Were the Security Measures After Then?

After the 9/11 incidents, airport security has gotten thought. At times people are asked to remove their jackets, shoes, and take out their other electrical belonging like laptops for inspections or other undisclosed reasons. If airports did exist in 1776 were the passengers required to do the same thing before boarding or did they have preclearance of some sort.

O’ Lord Take Me! Take Me Now!

People are thinking at extremes about what the writer must be going through; like, after listening to Donald making such a stupid mistake he/she must be wanting to jump out a window just to save whatever little respect he has left.

The people are still counting how much of tax payer’s money went to Trump parade. A lot of funding is required to conduct military parades. For example, it costs the taxpayer ten thousand dollars just to operate one blue angle plane for an hour for display purpose. Now coupling this with other expenses, the cost the taxpayer pay goes through the roof. So what’s the point in wasting so much money.

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