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Donald Trump’s Tax Returns Make Him Biggest Loser Ever

Donald Trump, the President of the United States,  might be the biggest loser ever in America’s history. According to his tax return papers obtained by media, Trump has lost an estimated 1 billion dollars’ worth of his wealth due to bad investments choices.

Trumps Getting Trolled For Being The Biggest Loser Ever

Ever since the media revealed trumps tax return papers, people have been trolling him non-stop

Some of the comments that people on social media have passed are just hilarious.

Folks can’t understand how Trump could lose so much money while other rich people keep on getting richer.

Despite having invested million in different businesses that were guaranteed to make billions if not millions is a clear tell of how good of business man trump is.  

Getting the title of America’s biggest loser has come as no surprise.

He’s Not That Rich Now

According to Trump’s Tax return papers, the current president of the United States was much richer when he was born than now

For many, there is no surprise because people who cannot spell chief correctly and can also make bad investment choices and hence lose big.

Don’t Tell Him This Is Trending

Others while requesting people not to tweet biggest loser hashtag as it may upset Trump’s feeling which may lead to him introducing more bad policies

This social media user has to opine that Trump is not a trustworthy person at all as he is vulnerable to bribes and payoff meaning you just need to pay him to look the other way and walk free. So, it is crucial that we take a look at his taxes.

Many simply reminded Donald that all Ponzi schemes have an end, so it better to quit when you’re ahead of that later 

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