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So For Donald Trump Coronavirus is A Proof Of How Great America Is

It appears that President of the United States Donald Trump is using coronavirus as a proof to show how America Is Great. In a cabinet meeting he expressed his pride on topping the coronavirus chart like it’s a competition instead of a pandemic.

He boasted about conducting the highest number of tests which led to identification of a higher number of coronavirus cases. Ok…but what about the highest number of deaths? 

Donald Trump Using COVID 19 Stats to Present Himself A Badge of Honor

So POTUS counted the damages done by coronavirus as an achievement and gave himself a badge of honor for raising the number of cases. His claim about the highest testing rate contradicted the official statistical data for overall COVID-19 tests (which will be discussed later). Currently there are nearly 1.5 million infections and 93,558 deaths in the US (most highest in the world).

How this situation can come off as great to anyone who is not a sociopath, is beyond understanding. It is alarming that a person who holds a key position in international politics is playing with the stats of a contagion in that way. Many celebrities have also criticized Trump for his stance on COVID-19 pandemic, just like Brad Pitt as Dr Anthony Fauci in SNL highlighted this with a sarcastic take.

Donald Trump Embarrassing Himself Again In Front Of Reporters

Waiting for his appearance, reporters had a lot of questions for Trump as they should. However, POTUS made sure to dodge the most critical ones. Trump says that the US has done more tests than anybody else which is why they are leading in cases.

He also added that he didnt see this as a negative impact but something to be proud of. He thinks that America’s testing is better than the rest of the world but here’s what The Democratic National Committee thinks about him

He continues to talk about cases but what about 93k deaths? Are they also being counted as the badge of honor? No wonder why so many people were excited for Trump’s Impeachment day

How Correct Is Trump About The Number Of Tests In USA

According to the reports, the US is conducting between 300k and 400k tests on a daily basis with the help of volunteer-led efforts. While they may be higher in overall numbers but are not on par as per capita basis. The US requires more than 900k tests every day to be able to lift lockdown, as revealed by Harvard Global Health Institute.

The nation as big as the US is expected to be criticized on coronavirus testing rates. Instead of this US President is presenting misinformation in an attempt to dodge tricky questions. A fellow republican Mitt Romney also agrees that the country is devastated and there is no reason to celebrate as insinuated by Trump.

As per the data by the Worldometer European, Middle Eastern, and Southeast Asian countries are leading with the highest number of tests per million population. Portugal, Spain, and Belgium are leading Europe with 66,079, 64977, and 62174 tests per million. Germany has conducted 52450 while the UK has conducted 43661 tests per million population. Contrary to this United States has conducted 42809 tests per million population.

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