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Donald Trump Gets Trolled for Misspelling Chief

The US President Donald J Trump just misspelled chief in one of his fabricated quotations. POTUS called himself one of the greatest hostage negotiators in the world.

And, Here Begin Trolls for Donald Trump

Trump has been known to do some crazy stunts in the past just to stay in the news, so maybe he miss-spelling chief is another PR stunt. But, why the US President would need to do such stunts. He has already got so many reasons to stay mainstream.

Many Americans are wondering why the president of America, the world’s most powerful president do such thing and some of the answers they got on social media were amazing. In fact, they were more like trolls.

Sara Sanders who is one of the top 10 popular standup comedians on Netflix, while defending the president Donald J Trump became the public’s no one target. According to her, the president’s spellings are correct and the experts she’s spoken to back this claim

For many, this act proves how stupid or ignorant Trump is as he never checks for mistakes and he never tries to improve on them.


Some Other Reactions to Situation

It’s hard to exactly speculate what the feeling of every American would be when he or she saw chief trending on Twitter, but surely it must have been something like this.

The Rule I before E Only After C Doesn’t Really Work Like That MR President 

Based on how popular he’s become some Americans feel he deserves to be commemorated by making an Oscar-winning movie.


Folks are saying only way to recover from this social embarrassment is have trump stop tweeting


Despite all mockery, the president is facing some people are humbly indicating that he made a mistake

And he should correct it


There was some hilarious commentary as well.

After realizing his mistake trump immediately corrected the tweethttps://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/1121738863486095360

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