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Can Donald Trump Really Beat Oprah Winfrey As He Claims?

The recent Golden Globes 2018 ceremony has made Oprah Winfrey emerge as a potential candidate for POTUS (President of the United States), due to her persuasive speech against sexual harassment and discrimination. People are claiming that Oprah might run for the race for President in 2020 elections.

All the speculations apart, what has caused a debate on social media, is Donald Trump’s reaction to Oprah Winfrey’s possibility of contesting for American President.

Trump’s Response to Oprah being His Opponent in Presidential Elections

The persuasive speech of Oprah Winfrey on a Metoo themed Golden Globes 2018 ceremony, made media to discuss the prospects of her running for the presidential race. Responding to such speculations Donald Trump said, “I will beat Oprah, she would be a lot of fun.”

At the same times, he also remarked that he didn’t think Oprah would run for President.

So, Is It Possible for Trump to Beat Oprah Winfrey

Social media thinks that it wouldn’t be possible for Oprah to beat the Trump because of her popularity. Oprah who talks about women empowerment and rights of the Blacks and knows to connect herself emotionally with her audience can amass favor.

Contrary to this, Trump is famous as a red-neck and racist. His controversial statements about women also make him emerge as a gender biased person. The POTUS who is furious on Fire and Fury book is trying hard to come clean and present a better image of himself.

Oprah for being an icon of women empowerment and champion of human rights is likely to be a favorable candidate than Trump. The popularity of her compassion and generosity is evident from the fact that fake Instagram users announced Christmas Giveaways in the name of Oprah Winfrey. So, is it possible for Trump to beat Oprah? The answer is no.

If Trump can beat Hillary than why not Oprah?

In 2016 Presidential elections no one expected Trump to beat Hillary. According to revelations in Fire and Fury, not even Trump expected to see himself as a President. So, in such unpredictable circumstances, it is not easy for Oprah Winfrey to be the next POTUS.

Well, things can go in her favor if she continues to convey about her aim of a prosper America and the great American dream. She is also an eloquent speaker and possesses extraordinary oratory skill.

Oprah Winfrey is also a media celebrity just like Trump. But, does she have what Trump used to amass the favor of the majority of the White Americans? The answer is probably no.

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