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Donald Franciszek Tusk Speaks on EU Unity – Hours TV

The President of the EU Council Donald Tusk reiterated the need for the EU unity to remain intact. He expressed optimism about the EU united say that he has the desired support from the remaining EU states and the EU institutions.

EU Unity and Finalization of Brexit Talks

The EU leaders are already planning to meet to discuss and finalize guidelines for the UK to exit from the European Union.

As discussed in a previous post, EU will first see satisfactory progress on the withdrawal process before the actual start of the Brexit negotiations.

The official talks of Brexit between EU and Britain will only start after the UK snap elections on June 8.

While speaking to reporters, Mr. Tusk insisted on EU unity and also that it is in the interest of Great Britain.

French President Francois Hollande

French President Francois HollandeThe French President has indicated the potential cost and price for the UK for getting out of the EU unity. He said that the EU must not punish the UK in Brexit negotiations. However, he stated that the UK’s position is far better inside the EU then it will be outside of the European Union.

Luxembourg Prime Minister Xavier Bettel

Luxembourg Prime Minister Xavier BettelThe Luxembourg PM emphasized on the need to give the UK a level playing field during the Brexit negotiations. He was of the view that EU must form a balance between too harsh and too lenient approach with Britain.

Here are the three points outlined by Mr. Tusk that the UK must take into consideration before formally moving onto Brexit negotiations.

  • The UK needs to fulfill its financial obligations it owes towards the EU.
  • Britain must agree to a deal to avoid a hard border between Northen Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.
  • Tusk wants enforceable, effective, and non-discriminatory guarantees for the EU Citizens living in the UK.

German Finance Minister

German Finance MinisterThe German Finance Minister wants the UK to know that there is no such thing as “Free Lunch.” He desires that the UK must not take advantages over the other 27 EU membership countries after the conclusion of Brexit negotiations.

French Elections and Fear of Frexit

European Union leadership understands the repercussions if Le Pen wins the French Elections. She wants to disassociate France from the EU, following in the footsteps of the Great Britain. Many in the European Union are weary of Le Pen winning the French Elections and becoming a danger to the EU Unity.

Britain has set a precedent for other countries for getting out of the EU as the first member. European Union Council will take every effort possible to create a deterrence for other members who are thinking of following the UK.

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