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Donna Stickland- Third Woman to Win Nobel Prize in Physics

So, it is the Nobel Prize season as Swedish Academy has started announcing the awardees for 2018. This year a woman physicist Donna Stickland has also won the Nobel Prize in Physics after 55 years. Dona who will be sharing her prize with two other scientists is the first woman in the last 55 years to win this award.

Nobel Prize in Physics for 2018

This year Arthur Ashkin from the United States, Gerard Mouru from France and Donna Stickland from Canada have received Nobel Prizes in Physics. While Gerard Mouro will have the half of the prize, the other two scientists will share the rest of it.

The Nobel Prize committee for the respective category acknowledged the achievements of the scientists for their work in the field of light. Arthur Ahskin has invented the focused beam of rays, known as optical tweezers which can help view and manipulate the microscopic objects and organisms.

The other two scientists also received their Nobel Prize for making remarkable achievements in the field of laser Physics.

Donna Stickland and Gerard Mouru won Nobel Prize in Physics for developing a method to generate ultra-short pulses of high intensity.

Women Who Won Nobel Prizes in Physics

Donna Stickland’s winning of Nobel Prize in Physics is no less than a surprise as a woman has won this highly acclaimed award in the same category after 55 years. Earlier, it was Maria Geoppert who won this prize for discovering atomic nuclei.

And, there is no need to mention who was the first woman to win the Nobel Prize in Physics as everyone is familiar with the name of Madam Marie Curie, who created history by discovering few radioactive elements. Her success story has also created an enormous literature, and it reverberated in the form of documentaries, films, feature stories, and other such things.

Who Won Nobel Prizes in Physics for 2017

Three physicists also won the Nobel Prizes in Physics for 2017. Rainer Wiess, Barry C. Barish, and Kip S. Thorne shared the Prize for discovering the gravitational waves which are released due to different events that take place in the universe.

Other Winners of Nobel Prize 2018

This year a female scientist has also won the Nobel Prize in chemistry. Frances H. Arnold will share her prize with George P. Smith and Sir Gregory P. Winter. Frances won the award for directed evolution of enzymes while other two scientists won it for the phage display of peptides and antibodies.

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