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Don’t Shoot the Puppy – Puppy Games

Have you ever played don’t shoot the puppy- a game that promotes the pacifism? If not then you need to give it a try to at least understand the underlying concept.

Let’s have a look at what this puppy game is all about.

Don’t Shoot the Puppy

For addicted gamers who love to play with keys and their reflexes to shoot the enemies on screen, don’t shoot the puppy is a different kind of game. Here, the player has no enemy to combat. Even, the puppy in the game is not a foe. In fact, the gamer has to play the role of savior by not pulling the trigger of a gun, pointed in the direction of the puppy. Interestingly, a player has to rescue the puppy not against anyone else, but his ego, boredom, frustration, and anxiety. There is no lack of the best dog breeds in the world. This game requires nothing from gamers, except saving a puppy from one such breed.

The game that can that constitutes fifteen or more levels is nothing more than the test of a gamer’s patience.

Playing Don’t Shoot the Puppy Game

Another unique aspect of don’t shoot the puppy game is that it asks for not pushing keys or moving the cursor. Contrary to this, other games require looking for how to improve reaction time for enhancing the reflexes. Yes, it is a fact that shooter games, played in the virtual world also demand a swift response from the players. Gamers have to act fast for pushing the keys and moving the cursor to kill an enemy or safely escape danger. But, don’t shoot the puppy game has no such demands. In this game, moving a cursor or pushing keys, results in the killing of the puppy, due to gunfire. So, the player loses for not complying with the condition.

It is customary for gamers to find cheats and tricks to win a game. For example, they look for how to improve aim in Overwatch, a first shooter game. In puppy game, they don’t need to make an effort in getting their aim right or finding some cheats.

 A Test of Patience

Briefly, don’t shoot the puppy game is a test of patience. Many would ask if it is even a game. And, the answer is yes, because it teaches fighting with one’s self, which is an arduous task. Staring at the screen, not bothering the distractions, and letting the puppy do what he wants to for up to 15 levels, is a mentally challenging task. Those, who succeed in accomplishing this challenge by controlling their nerves and not shooting the puppy, inevitably win it.

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