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Doubts Loom Over Slow Start of Brexit Negotiations

Sir Simon Fraser says that Brexit negotiations did not start as per expectations. A former diplomatic service head reveals differences within the cabinet. He argues that the British side did not actively participate in the Brexit negotiations. Sir Simon Fraser currently offers consultancy to businesses on impacts of Britain’s exit from the European Union.

Cabinet Divisions May Be Hampering Progress on Brexit Negotiations

The British government may present its “position papers” on important issues including Brexit. However, Sir Simon believes that divisions within the cabinet are putting the government in an awkward situation. The difference of opinion is making it hard to put a united front to present the UK’s case forcefully.

Furthermore, he states that MPs must come together to sort their differences out. Similarly, he said that until those matters are resolved, it will become tough to agree. The unification on an important British agenda for Brexit negotiations is imperative.

Government Needs to Put to Table More Issues

Sir Simon has asked the government to focus on other matters as well apart from protecting the interests of its nationals in the EU. He says that the British government must start negotiating the Brexit. Furthermore, he says that this engagement will help ease the concerns. Similarly, he says that this way public will be able to know Britain’s options and what is at stake.Doubts Loom Over Slow Start of Brexit Negotiations

Flexibility of Brexit Negotiations and Amount of Divorce Bill

Last month, David Davis, the British Secretary had said he was optimistic about a positive outcome of the Brexit negotiations. However, Brussels is showing signs of worry because of a potential delay in a trade deal. EU officials in Brussel consider no progress so far in the Brexit negotiations. A media outlet had suggested that Britain may be ready to pay the amount for Brexit divorce bill. The suggestions would talk about an amount of £36bn.  

However, one of the Conservative MPs Pete Bone terms it a crazy amount that Britain might pay for the divorce bill. Another MP Pete Bone termed it illogical for the country to agree to pay such hefty price.

A Pro-EU Response to Brexit Negotiations

On the other end of the spectrum, the Pro-EU campaigners plan to hold the biggest yet “stop Brexit” demonstration. The event will take place outside the conference venue of the Conservative Party. The Campaigners believe they need to make their voice heard. The rally is expected to attract thousands of stop Brexit supporters.

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