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Dr Adil Haider Awarded Ellis Island Medal of Honor

Dr Adil Haider, one of the Pakistani-American trauma surgeons in the US is awarded country’s most prestigious award for immigrants, the Ellis Island Medal of Honor. The award is given in recognition of his expertise in his field. He notably contributed his services for the betterment of the less fortunate.

The Ellis Island Medal of Honor

The Ellis Island Medal of Honor award is a very prestigious award previously bestowed to world leaders, two Nobel Prize winners, and seven US Presidents.

The award was founded by National Ethnic Coalition of Organizations. The idea was to pay tribute to immigrants in the US contributing towards the country. The award is given to naturalized US citizens and native-born. Approximately 100 people are awarded the medal each year.

Dr Adil Haider

Doctor Adil Haider

Dr Adil Haider is a second-generation Pakistani-American who was born in Zanesville, Ohio in 1973. The family of the doctor returned to Pakistan in the 1980s to give back to the country.

Dr Adil Haider got his early education from Karachi. He studied at two very prestigious institutes, Agha Khan University and John Hopkins University in Baltimore Maryland.

Here is what he said about his achievement of receiving the Ellis Island Medal of Honor.

“Thank you all so much for the well wishes and congrats. I am very humbled to have been bestowed this honor.

Two things are for sure:

1) There are certainly many others who deserve this far more than me, and I am just lucky to have been recognized.

2) Only in America is this possible.

Sue Baker gave me a job at Hopkins the day I came from Aga Khan. Since then I have been blessed with amazing mentors and teammates at work and the worlds most supporting and caring family and friends at home. This medal reminds us that the American Dream is alive ….. It’s our job to protect it and ensure that it remains for all to come, generation after generation.”

Currently, Dr Adil Haider is working at Kessler Director of the Center for Surgery and Public Health. He is also the principal investigator of extra-mural grants for more than $ 7 million. He has formally mentored more than 100 researchers during the last 15 years, and a lot of his medical graduates belong to Pakistan.

The doctor said that he learned a lot of his lessons about equality and hard work from his teen and adulthood time in Pakistan. He conducted community clinics in low-income neighborhoods of Karachi to try and provide best possible treatment within limited resources.

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