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What Is Making People Obsessed with Dr. Anthony Fauci Home-Office?

Dr. Anthony Fauci Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases the United States has been testified by video conference before a Senate Committee for Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions on Tuesday.

Dr. Fauci the United States government’s top infectious disease expert put himself in quarantine after White House staff tested positive for coronavirus. He testified via video conference in a hearing that lasted for three and a half hours. 

Well, this remote testimony to Senate HELP Committee provided a unique look at the home-office of country’s top medical expert apart from the situation of coronavirus in the country.

About Dr. Anthony Fauci’s Home Office

It has not been so long since Americans were obsessed with  Brad Pitt playing Dr. Anthony Fauci in SNL. Now they are talking about the doctor for his home-office and bookshelves. Dr. Anthony delivered his testimony surrounded by books and disk spinner from the 1990s. Viewers got distracted by this home-office. No wonder, why this office became the talk of the town on Twitter.

But it still lags behind in terms of qualifying for the best work from home memes.

Media consultant Mike Feldman asked Room Rater twitter handle dedicated to evaluation of Skype and Zoom video calling background, to analyze Dr. Fauci home-office’s every nook and opined that country was expecting a big picture.

In reply to this demand Room Rater rated Dr. Fauci home-office 10/10

Tech Reporter at New York Times Cecilia Kang told that Dr. Fauci’s home-office was exactly the same as imagined and she was delightful to see. She added there was the same Tape/CD player she had which appeared in the background.

Health care reporter Jaimy Lee opinioned that Dr. Fauci’s home-office looked like a Professor’s office from 90’s full of books, CD player, Persian rug and papers everywhere.

So, there is this narrative as well. Not everyone seemed to like that space occupied by books thing.

Erik Wasson report on Congress for Bloomberg News compared Dr. Anthony Fauci’s home-office with American virologist Robert Ray Redfield Jr. and remarked  that he liked Redfield’s office more than Fauci’s.

Ideal Chaotic Good Home Office

Ryan Broderick Senior reporter at Buzz Feed news termed Dr. Fauci’s home-office ideal Chaotic Good home office because everything books, papers and boxes were everywhere but in organized order.

Ben Estes Sports editor for Tribune News Service suggested that Dr. Fauci needed Marie Kondo Japanese organizing consultant.

Dr. Anthony Fauci answered questions from an office during testimony, sitting in front of bookshelves with more stacks of books on the floor. People loved his home-office full of books.

Some enjoyed Dr. Fauci’s testimony and wished they could buy him a new book-shelf

Some thought that Dr. Fauci’s home-office looked like 6-hours had been spend on cleaning every book and shelf after the announcement that he was appearing on national Television.    

Internet got the glimpse of Dr. Fauci’s home-office but demanded for more

So overall the look of the home-office was a good thing for Dr. Anthony Fauci. Not only because it left a good impression on doctor but also because it was not about those embarrassing work from home videos.

Dr.  Anthony Fauci gathered praise on his Do It Yourself (DIY) foldable book shelf. As he  did not love interior designing and rather spent his money on books.

Some are disappointed by the Dr. Fauci’s home-office for not having a framed copy of American glam metal band Poison’s “Open Up And Say … Ahh!” album cover

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