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Popular Sexpert Dr. Mahinder Watsa Passes Away

Dr. Mahinder Watsa was an Indian sexologist who became a legend by writing columns about intimacy. Reportedly, he was not suffering from any illness and went away peacefully at the age of 96.

His column ‘Ask the Sexpert’ was the most widely-read section in a popular Indian newspaper. He used to answer anxious questions from people who seemed like going through sexual challenges. His answers were a blend of clarification and humor that made Indians laugh and learn at the same time.

The acclaimed writer was multidimensional and enjoyed a glorious life, as his children told media.

Dr. Mahinder Watsa Is Remembered As A Saviour

Men in the third world are misguided and distracted by many factors that may serve a different purpose than sex. One factor may be that there is no communication about sex from elders in the family. Some other sources or peers can give ineffective advice which may lead men to depend on an unrealistic porn system.

As a result, most men treated women’s hymen as a prized possession rather than understanding if she is ok with the man she is having sex with. Opposition labelled voices against this oppression as immoral and progressive films about this issue like Lipstick Under My Burqa suffered state level condemnation.

In a country where lack of sexual education and humility has affected so many lives unfairly, his columns offered genuine guidance

Sex is still a highly taboo subject in the country due to which people who had questions about pregnancy, masturbation, menstruation, or intercourse suffered in silence. Watsa touched those thousands of lives intimately. He reportedly answered around 20,000 readers of the newspaper and about 40,000 as a sex advisor. They still remember how he helped them understand their own body and how it can connect with the other

Watsa analyzed that a lot of anxious questions from readers suggested the same thing that Indians were suffering from lack of education. Therefore, he decided to take a life-long journey in order to provide consultancy to those people are establish sex as a normal activity between lovers.

Relationship Between Humor And Compassion

A lot of professional medical writers tend to become serious while talking about sex. The Sexpert remained friendly with readers and said that sex is a joyful thing. Dr Mahinder Watsa used a satirical approach but displayed empathy with the person who seemed to ask absurd questions sometimes

Some users on social media shared some of his answers to extremely personal questions. They showed how sexual activity is not such a big deal. It can be pure happiness if partners are aware of their own and each other’s bodily needs.

Despite some hostility, India gradually progressed towards accepting diverse sexual preferences. One of them was legalizing homosexuality for people who were sexually attracted to same gender.

Undisputed Institution Of Sex Education

Dr. Watsa was trying to normalize sexual counseling and education program through the Family Planning Association of India in the 1970s. This idea faced heavy opposition as expected but he carried on as a columnist in a women’s magazine. He changed the way people viewed sex in India by giving sex education, medical advice, and busting myths and errors common among people.

He unapologetically used prohibited words like ‘penis’ or ‘vagina’ but the newspaper did not censor as he was attracting more and more readers. The doctor continued to become popular despite a ban on comprehensive sex education in schools.

In 2017, a documentary ‘ASK THE SEXPERT’ by Vaishali Sinha recognized how Dr Mahinder Watsa gave non-moralistic advice to people who needed help with their bodies or sexuality. It also showed his cunning in promoting the importance of sexual information, pleasure, and consent as a way to improve gender equality and public health. Apparently, his documentary is available on Netflix till the last day of 2020

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